Top 10 Best Screen Houses in 2018 Reviews

Camping and hiking have become the favorite activities that most people do at their leisure. Sometimes, people decide to camp or hike for long periods without getting back to their localities. You may also wish to taste the sweetness in trekking and spend the most time in the field. One thing you need is maximum protection against insects and all climatic odds; wind, rain, and scorch of the sun included. A tent will do it better; especially the safest screen houses which are not only fielded but also are hemmed in by a high-quality material. Many such shelters are flowing in the market each day. But, getting the best one will be hard for the current market. We have therefore selected and reviewed the best 10 screen houses that will work to suit your demands.

10. RORAIMA Bugs Proof Roomy Instant Canopy Shelter Screen Tent

 RORAIMA Bugs Proof Roomy Instant Canopy Shelter Screen Tent
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Product Highlights
  • Ideal for protection against sun, rain, and insects
  • Fits 5 to 8 people
  • Easy setup and installation
  • Comes with lifetime custom service
  • Light and foldable for portability

Ensure that you are adequately protected against any hiking hassles with this tent. It features a perfect design, with screen lineage that makes it the safest to use while camping. It can protect you from excess scorch from the sun, rains and also from other insects, especially during dining time. It will, therefore, eliminate invasion from insects who might sound odd to your body.

Installation wise, this shelter tent has improved ease of set up. It has a simple setup, with adjustable stands to ensure that you set your preferred height. It measures 13 feet by 9 feet by 6.9 feet to have a holding capacity of 5 to 8 people. Besides, it is light and compact to ensure that transport is made easy. It features a bendable and foldable design that will leave it as small as your car can hold. Lastly, it comes with full-time customer services for easy usage and maintenance.

9. Quik Shade 10’x10′ Instant Canopy Screen Panel Set with Zipper Entry

Quik Shade 10'x10' Instant Canopy Screen Panel Set with Zipper Entry
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  • By: Quik Shade
Product Highlights
  • Have a mesh wrap
  • Durable fabric mesh screen-panel material
  • Zipper opening
  • Measure 10 feet by 10 feet
  • Bendable and compact

Have you planned for a hike in the coming few weeks? You may feel that you are fully preferred, but you will leave to hate hiking amid scorching sun and rains. With this screen tent in hand, all shall turn to the best. It has a mesh wrapping that will make it safe to use. It will also enhance durability making it the best among the competing brands.

How will you carry this tent to the area of use? Right from the size, this shelter is highly portable. It features a bendable design with foldable stands that will leave it small and compact for ease of transport. Also, it has a size measuring 10 feet by 10 feet which will ensure that it holds a good number of people at a time. Besides, it is made of a durable fabric mesh screen panel that will make it long lasting and more secure to use. Lastly, it has a zipper opening and closure design to enhance the stylish model.

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8. Quictent Outdoor Canopy Gazebo Party Wedding tent and Screen House

Quictent Outdoor Canopy Gazebo Party Wedding tent and Screen House
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  • By: Quictent
Product Highlights
  • Fully enclosure for protection
  • High-quality steel coated frames
  • Mesh side walls with a zipper at both ends
  • Compatible with small businesses and camping

Among the many screen houses on the market today, more credits go to this brand. It is not only limited to luxury but will also enhance safety against insects, rain and the scorch of the sun. It is fully enclosed to ensure that protection is maintained to a maximum. That will ensure that you live to enjoy the days spent while camping and hiking.

For durability and longtime services, it is made of high-quality frames which are steel coated, to resist rust and hence remains stylish. Also, its sides are made of pure mesh including zipper opening in the middle of the front and rear sides. Into the bargain, this screen house will ensure that it is used to perfection, being compatible with hiking and camping sites, and also used to house small businesses. To boot, it is easily foldable with bendable stands to ensure that you can make it compact enough for portability.

7. Gazelle G6 Portable Gazebo – 6-sided

Gazelle G6 Portable Gazebo - 6-sided
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  • By: Gazelle
Product Highlights
  • Polyester rooftop for water and UVL protection
  • Single door with durable zipper
  • 12 ground stakes and 6 tie ropes
  • Accommodates up to 8 people
  • six hubs

Leave all your problems settled entirely by employing the services of this screen house. It does not only enhance protection against UV lights and small rains but, will also protect you from insect invasion. These credits go to the polyester rooftops that improve water and UV lights protection. It has 6 sides and hubs with a 7′ 2″ high and 11′ 8″ hub-to-hub dimension to make it ideal to hold eight people at a go.

Concerning its manufacturers, it is made in a design that makes it easy to install when necessary. It has bendable and foldable frames that will enhance ease of storage and handling. This feature will also boost portability to ensure that it is compact to fit into your peripatetic medium. Moreover, it has 12 stakes and 6 strings which accompany its shipping to make it the best for a simple installation process. Lastly, it’s portable. all tributes going to the sizeable design.

6. Gazelle G5 Portable Gazebo – 5-sided

Gazelle G5 Portable Gazebo - 5-sided
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  • By: Gazelle
Product Highlights
  • Heavy-duty material corners reinforcement
  • Portable and readily made
  • Protects one from sun, rains and biting insects
  • Accommodates up to 4 people
  • Umbrella frame system included

Have you been looking for the best screen house to use with your family while camping? Your decision should land to no other than this tent. It features a heavy-duty material which is perfectly sewn at the corners to give a grand reinforcement. That will ensure that it remains fit to curb wind and dust from getting to you. It has no installation demands, glories to its ready-made design.

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Regarding its capacity, it has a capability of holding four people, including their seats and a table at the center. This will give you adequate room during dining times for the best services ever. For a luxurious time, while using it, it will protect you from sun, rains and also insects to enhance safety. To boot, it has an ease of installation, portability, and handling. For easy installation, it features an umbrella frame system includes the best services ever. Lastly, it has bendable stands and foldable frames that will ensure you get

5. Clam Corporation 9281 Quick-Set Escape Shelter

Clam Corporation 9281 Quick-Set Escape Shelter
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  • By: Clam Corporation
Product Highlights
  • Accommodates 6 to 8 people
  • Water and UV resistant roofs
  • Fits the standard picnic table inside
  • poly-oxford fabric denier in center section

Don’t get your time wasted by failing to get the best screen house on the market today. This tent should serve as the first option from the market today due to its top-notch features. It will not call for any after purchase set up and installations, in that it comes with a full set and ready to use. You only require 45 minutes to set up. Also, it has a roof that is water and UV light resistant. That will give you peak protection.

Talking about its appropriate size, it is relatively big to hold 6 to 8 people who are sitting and a table in the middle. It will fit the standard picnic table which is meant to give you a luxurious time. Also, it is made of a poly oxford fabric denier at the roof center. With a genuine origin, this tent comes with six strings and ground stakes with an oversized carrying pouch for the best ease of portability. Lastly, bearing in mind that it comes fully assembled, it is portable and compact for hikes and camping.

4. Coleman Instant Screen house, 10 x 10 Feet

Coleman Instant Screen house, 10 x 10 Feet
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  • By: Coleman
Product Highlights
  • Maximum protection from sun, wind, and bugs
  • Quick set up
  • Made of long-lasting poly guard drapery which is 2X thicker
  • Two large doors at the front and rear sides
  • Carry bag included for easy installation and portability

To polish your hikes and camping to perfection, this should stand the first option for purchase. It offers maximum protection against sun, wind, rain, and bugs. That will leave the whole function healthy and friendly. It is made of a durable poly guard fabric material which is 2 times thicker when compared to other brands, which in turn remains functioning for a long time.

Who won’t admire its ease of set up? It comes readily manufactured to work. Only 1 minute is essential to complete full installation. To boot, it has 2 large doors where one is at the back and the other at the front, making it best suited for camping. Lastly, it is shipped in combination with a carry bag which is meant to offer you with easy installation and portability.

3. Tailgaterz Magnetic Screen House

Tailgaterz Magnetic Screen House
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  • By: Tailgaterz
Product Highlights
  • Features magnetic doors
  • Substantial steel and fiberglass mount design
  • Huge mesh barricades to keep bugs out
  • Allows for settlement above a picnic table
  • Measures 11 feet x 9 feet for fitting

Right from the look, you will notice the dominance of this screen house. It features a pair of magnetic doors which will act as shelves for some of the magnetic apparatuses to prevent losing them. Also, it has sturdy steel and fiberglass mounting and frames to prevent rusting for long time services. More so, it has a set of enormous mesh walls which will free the insects away from reaching you to give you the comfort you deserve.

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Ostensibly, this tent will allow you to have a settlement above picnic tables which will polish luxury to perfection. Moreover, it has a dimension of 11 feet by 9 feet to give the best fitting for 6 to 8 people. Almost to the foot, it features a light and small design that will enhance portability. It will be packed well in a travel pouch included in the shipping list.

2. Coleman Back Home Instant Screen house

Coleman Back Home Instant Screen house
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  • By: Coleman
Product Highlights
  • Protection from the sun, wind, and insects
  • Long-lasting Polyguard double-thick fabric
  • 2 large doors for easy access
  • Built-in easy-pull veered carry bag

Don’t let this product pass you while still searching for the best from the market today. It features a portable and screened canopy which will give exceptional protection against climatic odds and insect invasion. Moreover, it has a quick set up of which you can set it up in barely 3 minutes for reliability. This less time is accompanied by 3 easy installation steps which are meant to lessen the task of installation.

To add on its preeminence, it is made of durable poly guard fabric which is 2 times thicker when compared to its competitors. Moreover, it has 2 huge doors which are located both at the front and rear side for easy access. Lastly, it is made in a portable design where it is small and ergonomic to fit in most cars. It is however accompanied by a wheeled pouch which ensures that travel issues are maximally solved.

1. Coleman Instant Screen house, 15 x 13 Feet

Coleman Instant Screen house, 15 x 13 Feet
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  • By: Coleman
Product Highlights
  • Highly Portable shelter
  • Sets up effortlessly in about 60 seconds
  • Robust Polyguard double-thick material
  • 2 large T-doors, easy access in both the front and the back
  • Transport carrier for secure storage and conveyance

This is the product that tops our selection. With the best services at hand, this screen house will give maximum protection against sun, wind, and rain. It will also keep away the biting insects for safety purposes. More so, it has an easy setup which will take place in just 60 seconds or less. Additionally, it is made of a long-lasting poly guard material which is double thickened for maximum safety.

For portability, this screen house is small with foldable frames and stands to ensure that you get the compact size you would admire. Also, it comes with a travel pouch which maximizes storage and portability. Lastly, it has 2 large doors which are situated both at the back and in front for easy and quick access.


In conclusion, a good screen house will give you peak protection against any limitations while camping. To ensure that you are free from wind, rains, and sun from the field, you should purchase these tents. There are as many brands in the market as you wish. To get the best will remain hard. Our selection is meant to ensure that only the best is purchased. Get into our selection and get the best.