Top 10 Best Plantar Fasciitis Insoles in 2018 Reviews

Plantar fasciitis is a major foot problem that impairs activities such as walking, jogging, running or standing for long hours. But fortunately, modern technology provides simple ways of managing it. Among these preventative and management strategies include wearing orthotic insoles which help in controlling the adverse effects. These prefabricated insoles are by far much better than the customized insoles. They are solely designed to enhance comfort in the specific pressure points of your foot. And due to their popularity, they are now available on online stores and buying them is as simple as counting numbers one to 10. Here are the top 10 best plantar fasciitis insoles in 2018 reviews.

10. Fittest Pro Orthotic Insoles Full –Length

 Fittest Pro Orthotic Insoles Full –Length
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  • By: Fittest Pro
  • Excellent cushioning
  • Nonslip textured surface
  • Semi-rigid arch and heel cup
  • Enlarged toe box

You now don’t have to rely on traditional ways of dealing with plantar fasciitis. Fittest pro orthotic insoles provide an excellent and lasting solution to this problem among other conditions that cause pain in the foot. Featuring a durable cushioning material, it can reduce impacts on foot muscles and joints. It boasts a unique designed meant to maximize the advantages of arch support. Also, the design, increase their versatility and comfort.

The insoles prevent plantar fasciitis and other foot conditions. So, they are great for anyone with or without these dangerous conditions. The surface is made of a non-slip textured surface which prevents your foot from slipping over. Hence, these insoles are great for all sportspersons since they maintain a good grip without interfering with your ability to maneuver of different terrains.

Also, they feature a specially designed semi-rigid arc which works for hand in hand with heel cup which enhances additional and stable running and walking. Besides, they are ideal for casual shoes, sports, and other activities.

9. GAOAG Sports Plantar Fasciitis Athletic Orthotics Insoles, GEL Comfort

GAOAG Sports Plantar Fasciitis Athletic Orthotics Insoles, GEL Comfort
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  • By: GAOAG
  • GEL plus TPU Material
  • Active carbon fiber for anti-bacterial properties
  • Versatile design suitable for various sports professionals
  • Ergonomic design with ball of foot padding

These insoles feature an ergonomic design with a ball of foot padding which cushions against impacts. The reinforced arch supports feet, and the deep heel cut enhances maximum stability when making every step. Also, your feet are kept safe, clean and comfortable due to the antibacterial properties and sweat absorption. Also, the insoles possess anti – percipient and odor fighting features to keep smelling and feeling fresh all day long. The versatile design allows it to be cut according to the preferred sizes.

Also, they are fit for athletes, nurses, doctors or anyone who works on their feet for a prolonged period. The main material is a combination of gel plus TPU which provide excellent cushioning and comfort. The cushioning effect reduces pain in feet because it is specially designed to relieve pain and aches. On the other hand, the contorted heel cup offers tall stability.

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Besides, they use foot arch support which also provides extra heel protection. The structure of these insoles offers triple zone protection, which is important in reducing pressure on strategic points and shock reduction.

8. COMENII Orthotics Flat Feet Shoe Inserts

COMENII Orthotics Flat Feet Shoe Inserts
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  • Medical grade material and construction
  • Eva foam base
  • Multi-layer cushioning
  • Deep heel cradle and functional inserts

Comenii orthotics insoles come in to provide a lasting solution to all your feet problems. It is a recommended product for anyone suffering from plantar fasciitis, heel pain, and ankle pain among other conditions of feet. The insoles are preventive tools as well as curative for those people already affected. These insoles adopt an ergonomic design which enhances a versatile support for walking, running and other heavy-duty activities that May cayuse feet muscles to strain.

It provides a lasting solution to over-pronation and supination, thanks to the ankle support that enhances foot’s natural movement. The design is perfect such that no cutting or trimming that will require. They offer simple placement and moveable for orthotics. Thanks to the biomechanical engineering that offers excellent ankle rolling so that you don’t hurt your foot any even when you stress the feet muscles. Moreover, the Eva material is odor resistant and possess excellent anti persipirant features.

7. SOF Sole Plantar Fascia Gel Shoe Insole

SOF Sole Plantar Fascia Gel Shoe Insole
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  • By: Sof Sole
  • Gel padded heel
  • ¾ length covers majority of shoe sizes
  • Plantar Relief Bridge
  • 100 percent composite plate
  • Heel cup for stability

Having a well-constructed insole makes every step more bearable. SOF sole insole is designed to counter the painful impacts of plantar fasciitis and other conditions. It features ¾ length and hence is compatible with most shoe sizes. The heel part has a gel padding which disperses the heel strike and prevents or lessens the pain gotten from heel spurs. It is uniquely designed with a plantar fasciitis to relive bridge which is a nylon plate that offers cradling support to the arch. Hence, this sole doesn’t allow you to suffer from paining arches.

The overall design with its unique features makes these insoles perfect for casual and athletic use. The specially designed heel cups allow maximum stability and control in every step you make. Moreover, as we said earlier, there is a plantar relief bridge made of nylon. This nylon material is flexible and durable the soles are slim but offers comfort which makes every step bearable. They weigh 1.4 ounces and measure 8 to 12 inches though it varies.

6. Profoot Plantar Fasciitis Insoles Orthotics, Women’s, Size 6-10

Profoot Plantar Fasciitis Insoles Orthotics, Women's, Size 6-10
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  • By: Profoot
  • Incredibly soft cushioning
  • Firm arch support
  • Gel heel insert
  • Universal fitting
  • Lightweight for comfort

These insoles are designed for women who want to keep off all feet related issues. This is a clinically certified orthotic that delivers a comprehensive solution to plantar fasciitis together with heel related issues. It features a premium soft cushioning that reduces impacts that can potentially harm your feet. This soft cushioning is ideal for these sensitive feet which are much affected by impacts from running, cycling, or when walking on a rough road.

And for an enhanced shock absorbency it features a well built and firm arch support and a gel heel support. Due to the high quality constructed, it has been tested and approved by the American podiatric medical association. Indeed, it is among the few approved insoles that are part of plantar fasciitis therapy program. It also boasts one size, which fits all women shoes. The material is vita foam R XD that delivers molding support.

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5. Samurai Insoles Instant Relief Orthotics

Samurai Insoles Instant Relief Orthotics
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  • By: Profoot
  • Low profile and lightweight
  • Springy molded inner core
  • Lab precision made

Are you among the many millions suffering from flat feet? Samurai orthotics brings a lasting cure for your problems. They are podiatrist designed hence they address the cause of tired feet and brings a simple solution. The first thing you’ll like is the exact size that fits your feet. Unlike others that show a size range, these offer exact size to allow maximum comfort.

The low profile design plus the lightweight construction makes them fit well especially in flat shoes that are popular in the sports industry. Also, the low profile designed is meant to give you an all-day comfort by ensuring that they fit well in your shoes while allowing maximum air circulation to the underneath of your feet. For accuracy and quality assurance, these have been exclusively designed in the US, and they boast excellent lab precision. This means that you can’t chance to get a low-quality item or any counterfeited insoles.

Besides, they feature a spring molded core that provides comfortable support no matter the terrain you are walking. Unlike other contemporary design, these boasts a universal and exact fitting. Hence, they don’t require cutting, trimming, stuffing or any manipulation. They are also versatile and durable because of long-lasting materials and innovative construction which delivers excellent comfort too.

4. NAZAROO Orthotics for Flat Feet Insoles

NAZAROO Orthotics for Flat Feet Insoles
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  • Durable EVA foam base
  • Designed for flat feet
  • Functional arch supports
  • Built-in silicone heel cushioning
  • Universal fitting

Nazaroo orthotics are designed for plantar fasciitis, pronation, heel pain and other feet ailments. The company has this reputation for over 10 years in making high-quality insoles. Due to their commitment to providing the best orthotic insoles, they have had an unshakeable prominence as a must-have in any foot therapy program. It boasts an encapsulated design with a sturdy but flexible support shell.

These firm and medical grade orthotics are meant to eliminate the common foot problems such as arch pain, gel pain, overpronation, ankle pain, and other issues. The base is made of Eva material which features multiple layers to enhance comfort while running or m standing on your feet for long. These functional inserts also feature premium arch supports which enhance proper distribution of pressure.

Also, the deep heel cradle keeps the bone vertical for a comfortable stability. Also, the heel support features silicone material cushioning for pain relief and shock absorption. The unisex and universal fit design are also essential features of these insoles. They are, therefore, ideal for running shoes, slipper, flats, sneakers, and boots.

3. NAZAROO Plantar Fasciitis Orthotic Insoles for Flat Feet Fight Against

NAZAROO Plantar Fasciitis Orthotic Insoles for Flat Feet Fight Against
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  • High tech composite materials
  • Latex cushioning pad
  • Versatile fit for most footwear
  • Well-built arch supports and heel support
  • Odor resistant Eva material

Nazaroo orthotic insoles have a profound importance on any foot issues. Whether you are suffering from plantar fasciitis, heel pain, and arch pain or overpronation, these orthotic insoles enhance a fast and reliable remedy. Thanks to the combination of high tech materials which offer excellent functionality and durability. The Eva material is treated for odor, mildew, and other microbial effects. The arch support features latex cushioning which facilitate shark absorption when you are engaging in foot exercises such as jogging, cycling, running and the like.

It fits most footwear for both man and women hence offers a reliable versatility not only for shoe size but also for shoe type. It works for both boots, flats, casual, dress shoes, slippers among other types of footwear. Besides, the Eva foam material boasts a special treatment that resists the formation of odor-producing bacteria.

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So, if you have been suffering from these odors, these insoles will rescue you from it. Thanks to the special design and the Eva material, these insoles allows excellent breathability to eradicate any bacterial growth and enhance proper perspiration.

2. Dr. Scholl’s Pain Relief Plantar Fasciitis Orthotics for Women

Dr. Scholl’s Pain Relief Plantar Fasciitis Orthotics for Women
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  • By: Dr. Scholl’s
  • Delivers comfort and energy
  • Great materials
  • Full length
  • Designed for different uses
  • Allows cutting and trimming for a customized fit

As the name of these insoles suggests, they are medically approved to be a lasting solution in treating plantar fasciitis and other related conditions. These insoles deliver an incredible comfort which energizes the whole body. That said, these insoles give you the necessary energy needed to continue exercising tirelessly. It is made of safe materials which are clinically treated to alleviate uncontrolled sweating and odor formation. The design supports various types of footwear.

And for perfect size fit, you can trim them to make the desired length and width for a custom fit. They feature full length hence cushions the whole foot area meaning that you get ultimate comfort no matter the size and shape of your feet. Boasting a premium shock guard technology, these insoles provide an immediate and all day relief for all effects brought about by plantar fasciitis and other related conditions.

1. Power step Insole Pinnacle Shoe Orthotics

Power step Insole Pinnacle Shoe Orthotics
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  • By: Powerstep
  • Semi-rigid shell
  • Encapsulated design
  • Deep heel cradle design
  • Double-layer foam cushioning
  • Anti-bacterial top layer

The most powerful and comfortable insoles you have ever had. Power step- pinnacle orthotics insoles deliver exemplary performance for all utilities. Whether you work in an office, sporting, or you are just an adventurous person; these insoles deliver the best performance. The semi-rigid shell construction enhances flexibility, and the full arch support provides support for mild to medium pronation. The deep heel cradle features are ideal for support and stability when you engaged in heavy impact exercises.

Also, there is the double foam cushioning which enhances sufficient comfort and cushioning. Also, the top layer boasts of anti-microbial properties so that it remains clean and odorless even after a strenuous day. Hence, the insoles allow your feet to stay comfortable and healthy all day long, all year out. They are supposed to be cleaned via spot cleaning method only. Immersing them in water may make them lose their flexibility. However, the durability plus performance is beyond what you can describe; it is just hilarious.


In the modern world, we are living, diseases such as plantar fasciitis and other related conditions are no longer a big deal. It has been a common problem to women in the past, but nowadays you can control them by simply checking the kind of insoles you are wearing. Check the product that suits you from our list and stands a chance to alleviate plantar fasciitis and other conditions. The insoles are precisely made to enhance comfort in the key areas such as the arch, heel, and the overall base features special cushioning for maximum comfort. Having these insoles will provide you with the freedom to engage in various physical activities.