Top 10 Best Neck and Shoulder Massagers in 2018 Reviews

Massage therapy has existed since time immemorial, and people continue to embrace its benefits. But, as time passes on, people are continually inventing new ways to maximize its efficiency. Now, we have massagers that are customized for shoulders, back, legs, neck and other areas. However, some have a unique design that allows them to provide an overall satisfaction in all parts of the body. You can’t imagine a world without massagers. And there is practically no reason to incur unnecessary cost inside those spa rooms. You can massage yourself back at home, in office or while on the go. In this review, we have compiled detailed writing regarding the best massagers for neck and shoulder.

10. NURSAL 3D Shiatsu Shoulder and Neck Massager

 NURSAL 3D Shiatsu Shoulder and Neck Massager
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  • By: NURSAL
  • Warm heat function
  • Hand vibration functionality
  • Adjustable intensity
  • 4 massage balls plus directional control
  • 15 minutes shut off
  • Deep tissue compatibility

Nursal Shiatsu massager has a unique construction that delivers excellent performance for shoulder and neck massage. It features infrared heat function which delivers fast ease of muscle tension and stress. You can easily control the heat function so that you get the required intensity to facilitate proper blood circulation.

Besides, it is easy to control all the functions, thanks to the one button controlled hand vibration. This function helps maximum relaxation of hand muscles. Also, you can control the pressure intensities required for different levels of relief. Thanks to the three levels of intensities, i.e., low, medium and high. You can choose the amount pressure that is right for you.

The 3D shiatsu kneading massager has a total of 4 deep-kneading massage balls that match the body’s physique. It functions by auto reversing every minute so that it uniformly distributes massage effects. Safety and portability are two issues which have been promised in the engineering of this massage. It comes with UL certified power adapter and car charger so that you can use it anywhere you go. For safety, the auto shut off feature is activated after every 15 minutes.

9. Naipo Shiatsu Neck Shoulder Massager

Naipo Shiatsu Neck Shoulder Massager
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  • By: Naipo
  • Cordless and rechargeable design
  • Delivers deep kneading with heat function
  • An elegant vogue bag
  • Effective and adjustable straps
  • Three-speed settings and directional control

Featuring a simple to use a design that only requires the use of a button, it is a very functional massager. It features a highly portable design with cordless and rechargeable engineering. Thus, you can use it anywhere you are without necessarily having a power source. It features arm slings which provide for angle adjustment with high accuracy and precision. Besides, it also makes you shine with beauty as you perform your therapies. Thanks to the sleek design and luxurious color that gives you the sense of modernity.

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For the case of the rechargeable batteries, it uses lithium design that allows you to use it for 2.5 hours without going back to the charger. As an additional gift, the product includes a beautiful carry handbag that is fit for a car or office use. Moreover, you can easily customize the level of massage you want. Thanks to the adjustable pressure straps that enhances comfortable massager for different body parts.

8. Nekteck Shiatsu Deep-Kneading Massager Pillow with Heat, Car and Office Chair Massager

Nekteck Shiatsu Deep-Kneading Massager Pillow with Heat, Car and Office Chair Massager
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  • By: Nekteck
  • 8 deep kneading massage heads
  • Versatile and portable design
  • Built-in heating function
  • Custom speed modes

Are you ready to let your stress melt away with a perfect massage pillow? You must be tired of living stressful moments with aching shoulders and necks. Nekteck shiatsu massager pillow is carefully designed to help you eliminate fatigue you might be facing after a long day of work. It boasts of a versatile design that helps you target specific areas. It is pretty easy to use this device, thanks to the easy control panel that allows power on, speed control, direction control and heat activation.

Featuring a built-in heating function allows the blood to circulate smoothly. The auto shut off feature prevents overheating of the device after continuous use. A total of deep kneading massage heads delivers perfect muscle relaxation. Besides, these heads feature springy and spongy design that are skin friendly. Speed and directional control allow change of speed and the directional you want the head to operate. The bi-direction movement control is an efficient technology in this shoulder and neck massage. It mimics the natural operation by a professional masseuse.

7. Naipo Neck Massager Shiatsu Back Shoulder Massager, Adjustable Intensity

Naipo Neck Massager Shiatsu Back Shoulder Massager, Adjustable Intensity
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  • By: Naipo
  • Three adjustable strength levels
  • 8 massage nodes
  • Bidirectional functionality
  • Infrared heat function
  • Durable and portable design
  • Includes a car adapter

Massage has become a popular Treatment, and Naipo MGS-801 Shiatsu massager is among the best products in this line. It is a massager that boasts innovative construction that diligently works in providing satisfaction. It features an ergonomic U design which fits snugly to your neck for optimal muscle relaxation. This ergonomic design can also act as a reliable back, and leg massager provided you take the right sleeping position. This versatile massager also allows adjustments so that it works appropriately on legs and waist too. The included car adapter allows easy connection to the cars electrical charge so that you can enjoy the spa experience even when you are on the go.

Featuring three massage intensity levels of low, medium and high, you get what you need all the time. All the 8 nodes provide deep kneading enhancing maximum muscle relaxation. Together with the infrared heat function, it enhances a soothing heat that allows the sensation to reach the deeper layers of the muscles. The timed 15 minutes Auto Shut off features enhance your safety and safety of the device. Moreover, the cable is 3 meters long hence allows you to move around the room as you experience outstanding massage.

6. Medcursor Shiatsu Kneading Massager with, Bi-Direction Function and Heat and Speed Control

Medcursor Shiatsu Kneading Massager with, Bi-Direction Function and Heat and Speed Control
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  • By: Medcursor
  • Programmable kneading massage rollers
  • Multifunctional design with heat function
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Overheat and shut off feature
  • Convenient on the go use

Featuring an impressive design with 8 ergonomically designed rollers, this massager works on the acupressure points of your body to deliver a prolonged relaxation. The contemporary design makes it easy to reach sensitive areas of your back and shoulder to deliver a soothing relaxation. Besides, the heat function works intelligently to enhance oxygen flow in muscles targeted. That way, you get the right metabolic rate and circulation is enhanced to offer an awesome spa experience.

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Two modes direction makes it work like a real masseuse and ultimately delivers the relaxation you’ve n been yearning for all the time. Thanks to the programmable massage rollers which also allows you to control direction and speed of the massager. The lightweight and easy to clean materials of construction enhance the ergonomic design. Also, it has nonslip handles which makes it easy to hold the device or long and make the necessary maneuver, for ultimate performance. The UL listed adapter and the auto shut off feature makes it very safe to work with t it while increasing its durability.

5. Naipo Shiatsu Massager Deep Kneading Massage for Back and Neck

Naipo Shiatsu Massager Deep Kneading Massage for Back and Neck
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  • By: Naipo
  • Rechargeable and cordless engineering
  • Velcro enable for hands-free operation
  • Incredibly long straps for shoulder
  • Three shiatsu nodes for deep kneading
  • Bidirectional changeable intensity

Naipo is among the leading brands that produce great body therapy devices. And for this specific shiatsu massager, it has a unique design that delivers awesome results more than the real masseuse. Yeah, that’s right because it has control functions that are more accurate than a human hand. Featuring a snug hugging design, it delivers comfortable cuddling effect to the targeted areas of your body. Through the featured heat function, deep kneading is possible even in the hardest parts of the body.

It targets specific acupressure zones in neck and shoulder to deliver outstanding relaxation. It is highly portable since it uses no cord, but instead, it uses a rechargeable battery. This feature gives you the freedom to enjoy soothing spa experience anywhere you are. However, it comes with a power adapter for both DC and AC to maximize charging convenience. It also inches adjustable Velcro straps that can hold the device on your body for a hand’s free operation. The preprogrammed bidirectional function enhances a superior massage experience.

4. HoMedics NMS 375 Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Massager, with Heat

HoMedics NMS 375 Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Massager, with Heat
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  • By: HoMedics
  • Three massage modes
  • Easily integrated control
  • Extended coverage
  • Heat function

At number four, we can satisfactorily extol HoMedics NMS 375 shiatsu massager. Many therapeutic experts confirm that, they rely on this product to deliver remarkable results to their clients. But now, why should you incur an extra coin on these spa rooms yet you can do it by yourself. It combines three massage modes, i.e., shiatsu, vibration or a combined mode.

Also, it has comfortable and flexible handles which let you customize the level of massage intensities. The integrated control provides for a selection between massage with and without heat. The exclusive design enhances great coverage for the shoulders and neck. Hence, you don’t have to twist your body to reach the sensitive areas of your body. The cloth material is incredibly durable but tender to the skin.

3. Naturalico Shiatsu Massager for Foot, Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain Kneading Massage Therapy

Naturalico Shiatsu Massager for Foot, Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain Kneading Massage Therapy
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  • By: Naturalico
  • Multiple massage nodes
  • Warm and soothing heat
  • Improved recovery time
  • Bi-directional movement

As the title of the product seemingly proposes, it is a massager that delivers natural spa experience. Thanks to the included multiple needs which enhances maximum satisfaction as it relieves muscle tensions form all affected areas. The innovative design is such that the nodes can trace all your acupressure points and deliver soothing massage as per the needs. It has a heat function that produces heat that is not too high. The warm heat gradually reactivates the metabolism and enhances excellent blood flow.

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The infrared heat function can go deeper into the muscle fibers to release the trapped extension, stress or pain. There is also an essential function that allows you to control speed and direction. Hence, you feel like a real masseuse is doing some deep kneading. Besides, it is made of lightweight and versatile materials thereby making it a great device to use anywhere you want. Whether it is on the go, office, or at home, you get maximum relaxation.

2. FIVE S Neck and Back Shiatsu Massager with Heat, Beige

FIVE S Neck and Back Shiatsu Massager with Heat, Beige
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  • By: FIVE S
  • 8 kneading rollers
  • Infrared heat function
  • Easy on and off switch
  • 15 minutes timed auto shut off feature
  • AC adapter included

FIVE S FS8801 Shiatsu kneading is exactly the solution that you need after a long day of hard work or exercises. The ergonomic design makes it great for relieving muscles stress from legs, waist, shoulders, back or any other part. It specifically targets the acupressure points so that it enhances a soothing relaxation. Thanks to the 8 ergonomically designed rollers w which possesses heat function. Heat function is ideal for fast, deep kneading results.

It is programmed such that it delivers uniform kneading though you can adjust the speeds and direction using the provided control functions. Besides, the auto shut off feature is set such that it activates every 15 minutes.  This feature is ideal for preventing overheating all over kneading which could bring tissue damage. However, it is corded and must be connected to a power source for it to function. Fortunately, it can be connected to the car through the provided car charger hence you can enjoy a massage while you’re traveling.

1. InvoSpa Shiatsu Back Neck and Shoulder Deep Tissue 3D Massager with Heat

InvoSpa Shiatsu Back Neck and Shoulder Deep Tissue 3D Massager with Heat
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  • By: InvoSpa
  • 8 massage rollerballs
  • 3 adjustable speed modes
  • Bi-directional movement control
  • Infrared heat function
  • Portable design

Are you searching for an overwhelming spa experience? INvospa Shiatsu 3D massager has all the necessary features to assist you in attaining the best massage experience. It features 8 kneading rollers that provide a feel of real human hands. The shape also is ideal for targeting the acupressure points of your body. Also, thanks to the built-in bidirectional movement control that mimic the skills of a professional masseuse. And since not all areas of your body require the same amount of pressure, this device has adjustable speed modes.

Apparently, there are 4 big balls and 4 small balls which work conjunctively to relieve tissue pressures from all over the body. It has all the peculiarities required for a spa-like massage experience.  Whether it is stress, sore muscles or general body fatigue, this pillow has all it takes to get a soothing satisfaction. Apart from the ergonomic shape and design, it also has an integrated heat function that delivers deep heat and allows smooth flow of oxygen in blood flow.


You have been looking for it, and we’ve provided just the thing. The top 10 best massagers for neck and shoulders in 2018 reviews. Don’t let stress, fatigue or aches ruin your daily life. Most of these massagers have a unique design coupled with heat function. As a matter of fact, they produce more or less the same satisfying results as a professional masseuse. Get one or two and be a witness that they are the best shoulder and neck massagers.