Top 10 Best Lego Tables For Kids in 2018 Reviews

Did you know that Lego table is the highest rated table for kids today? And if so, are you planning to surprise your kids with one. In this article, we will appreciate that kid’s love the best things in life. Hence, we will put our focus on the top 10 best Lego tables that are worth the price. As you may be aware, Lego is one of the prominent brands when it comes to kids toys. You are in the right place, and we will show you that indeed your kids deserve the best toys. When you combine the best Lego tables and bricks, you will be sure that your kid will stay preoccupied for hours. It is a game that offers more educational benefits just the same way it enhances entertainment.

10. CP Toys Activity Table, Trundle Drawer Preschool Building Bricks

 CP Toys Activity Table, Trundle Drawer Preschool Building Bricks
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  • By: Constructive Playthings
  • Pull out trundle underneath drawer
  • Design supports manipulative play
  • Supports both small and large bricks
  • Measures 34.25″ L. x 25.25″ W. x 17.75″ H

As your kid grows, he or she needs a Lego table that can help in developing the IQ. CP toys Lego table features preschool building blocks whereby the kid can build a variety of structures. It is a versatile table that is build using sturdy wood board. It gives the kids freedom to either build using interlocking bricks or to flip the grid over and provide smooth white surface which they can utilize for other manipulative plays.

The whole table measures 34.25″ L. x 25.25″ W. x 17.75″ H which is quite a manageable sizes if you have small space. Similarly, space is enough for kids and can accommodate the number of structures possibly made by the kids. Moreover, the table is strong enough to support both small and large building blocks. Besides, the construction supports fast clearing of the building materials. Thanks to the included pull out trundle drawer underneath, which can accommodate all the accessories.

9. Nilo N34 Lego, duplo™ compatible table

Nilo N34 Lego, duplo™ compatible table
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  • By: Nilo®
  • Lego Duplo compatible
  • Solid hardwood construction
  • Versatile use
  • Melamine top
  • Ample seating room

This Lego table has sufficient features that can support various plays to help the kid develop in an all-round manner. It includes 2 by 2 sides green block mats which makes it a real Lego table and if you want it, a Duplo table. With this table, you won’t be required to purchase extra base plates. It includes everything you need. Moreover, the hardwood construction lasts for decades. Hence this is a worthy investment if you really care about your dollars. But this doesn’t mean that it limits the kid’s fun. No, in fact, it is among the top rated Lego table which possesses a lot of creative features to allow a lot of maneuverability.

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Also, you can remove the base plate so that you can do puzzles. Puzzle offers a lot of creativity and makes the kids utilize their intelligence to fill the puzzles. The table top is easy to clean since it is made of melamine material. It also features holders around the perimeter that are useful in accommodating various playing accessories’. For sure, this is a product that lets you buy one in a lifetime and buy the right thing for your kids.

8. Deluxe Large Lego Table Includes chairs plus 2 storage bins Grey

Deluxe Large Lego Table Includes chairs plus 2 storage bins Grey
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  • By: SCS Custom Woodworks
  • Large play area
  • Grey Lego compatible plus smooth white surfaces
  • Great for kids for toddlers up to age 7
  • Reversible table top

This is an activity table built with beautiful features to teach your kid some essential things. It is engineered to offer maximum entertainment to the kid. It features a reversible table top and elegant Lego compatible sides which are gray. This smooth table top is white and can be easily removed by simply removing two screws and sliding it out using the provided hex key and then flip it over. This is a sure way to entertain and stimulate the young minds to develop cognitive skills.

It applies to all kids though it is perfect for kids through the age 7. Both the table and chair are made of sturdy hardwood so that it can tolerate the kid’s messy behavior. It is compatible with Lego, Duplo, brick tek, and mega blocks among other brands. It also encourages organizational skills with the built-in storage bins which are great for keeping everything intact.

7. SCS Custom Woodworks Special edition LEGO table and chairs set with storage bins

SCS Custom Woodworks Special edition LEGO table and chairs set with storage bins
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  • By: SCS Custom Woodworks
  • •    Features storage bins
  • Large playing surface measuring 25″ long x 19″ wide
  • Sturdy table and chair frames
  • Compatible with several brands
  • Easy installation

SCS custom Lego table is made exclusively to offer maximum fun to the kids. It boasts a US technology hence you can trust its high quality. It is built to impart organizational creativity through some tactical arrangements. Through this process, the kid is prepared to handle some basic tasks in life. In actual, sense, the plays help the kids to expound on various skills, and as a result, the thinking capacity is dramatically increased. This Lego table is compatible with various brands which include, Duplo, standard mega blocks, sluban and other registered trademarks.

The playing surface of the table measures 25″ long x 19″ wide which offers sufficient surface so that the kids can build various structures in different versions. Besides, there are two storage bins which ensure a perfect storage of all the playing accessories. The table and the chairs are made of sturdy materials and construction design to effectuate their durability. Also, you need to appreciate the easy installation of this table that requires just a few sockets and screws.

6. Fun Builder Lego Compatible Table

Fun Builder Lego Compatible Table
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  • By: Fun Builder
  • Preassembled table legs
  • Built-in heavy-duty mesh block storage bag
  • Measures 32″ Length x 16″ Wide x 18″ Height
  • Sturdy frame and durable construction

This is indeed a fun maker as far as the kid’s entertainment is concerned. The table is built using great innovation to ensure that it serves the kids with wholesome entertainment as they continue gathering creative knowledge. The table comes with preassembled legs which feature a solid and sealed design for strength and durability. Dimension wise, you can rely on this table to place all the blocks you need to get the kid to work, keep them preoccupied and improve their thinking ability.

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It measures 32″ Length x 16″ Wide x 18″ which offers ample space to do various manipulation and take the creativity higher. With the built-in mesh block storage accessory, it is very simple to keep everything organized. The height offers enough space to allow a comfortable seating posture. Through this awesome construction, the kids can get down preoccupied for many hours trying to take their creativity higher, without complaining of muscle pains. In brief, this is the right Lego table to enhance the creativity of your toddlers and prepare them to be future experts.

5. Fun Builder heavy- duty DUPLO TABLE with Built-in Lego Storage

Fun Builder heavy- duty DUPLO TABLE with Built-in Lego Storage
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  • By: Fun Builder
  • Optional wood cover available
  • Heavy-duty mesh block storage bag
  • Measures 32 L x 16w inches
  • For ages 1 to 5
  • Compatible with both Duplo and mega blocks

This is still another top-rated model with a Fun builder and features an amazing design to help your kid developmentally and socially. It is made of sturdy solid hardwood which is durable and can support the weight of the kid plus the playing blocks. It is an ideal Lego table to encourage your kid’s imagination. This Duplo compatible fun builder block table has all the necessary features to help your kid as he grows and develops intelligence.

There is a built-in mesh storage bin to ensure that the blocks aren’t left scattered all over.  The preassembled design is such that you only need to fasten the legs and the equipment will be ready. Although the building blocks aren’t included in the package, the product comes with an optional wood play cover. The item is exclusively made in the US, and hence the quality is a total guarantee.

4. LEGO OAK color play table

LEGO OAK color play table
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  • Dual use design
  • Measures 41″L x 22″W x 22″H
  • Attractive oak color
  • Features 3 drawers

Featuring an innovative design, this Lego table can be converted to a play table. It is just easy because you just need to remove 8 tiles and without any modifications, this item becomes a play table. It features an attractive oak color plus three durable coats. With these finish, you can wax and polish whenever you want to make it more attractive and retain its original appearance.

Furthermore, the legs are sturdy, and hence the table is designed for durability, functional applications, and beauty. Equally, it has a widened base to increase stability so that kids can have a conducive time for building their abilities. Besides, it is a quality piece of furniture that can be used as a sewing table, wrap table, puzzle table, serving table among other important uses.

3. Kid Kraft Lego table Compatible 2 in 1 Activity Table

Kid Kraft Lego table Compatible 2 in 1 Activity Table
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  • By: KidKraft
  • Total of 200 Lego-compatible blocks
  • Train set with 30 pieces
  • Double-sided design
  • Large surface to accommodate several kids
  • Convenient underneath storage

Let the kids improve their craftsmanship and develop their IQ with this KidKraft Lego table. It is a 2 in 1 activity table that keeps the Lego and train sets in an organized manner. It features an incredibly simple set up that only requires the use of a screwdriver. Once it is fully assembled, this Lego table measures 25 x 23 x 17 inches and is designed to accommodate several kids who can play in turns or simultaneously depend on their pleasure.

Also, there is a storage drawer where the kid can neatly store the Lego sets. For convenient use, the table features a double-sided top that is compatible with Legos. The double-sided design means that you can use as a Lego-compatible build plat as well as train set construction and other non-Lego activities. The top surface feature a smooth veneer which is easy to clean. Besides, 200 Lego-compatible blocks plus 30 train sets make this table set a good starter kit.

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2. UTEX Kids Construction Play 2 in 1 Lego Table with Storage Drawers plus built-in plates

UTEX Kids Construction Play 2 in 1 Lego Table with Storage Drawers plus built-in plates
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  • By: Utex
  • Multi-use design
  • Construction panels
  • Double storage accessory
  • Easy assembly and incredible dimensions
  • Reversible top

In the world of kids, UTEX Lego table commands the market. This is a Lego table like no other because it has all the excellent features of a Lego table. Featuring a reversible top, you can quickly switch from activity to a regular table. Also by having some construction panels, this Lego table offers a sturdy platform to enhance building blocks without any hassles.

Also, it has two storage drawers where you can conveniently store all the accessories to allow a neat working place when you use it as a regular table. Besides, the espresso finish is lovely to add to your decor. It has wooden legs which provide a firm support that can tolerate vigorous exercises of the kids. It measures 25.6″L x 25.6″W x 21H which offers a sufficient working surface and gives ample room to use seats.

1. Tot Tutors Kids Two in one Plastic LEGO Compatible Activity Table

Tot Tutors Kids Two in one Plastic LEGO Compatible Activity Table
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  • By: Tot Tutors
  • Lightweight and sturdy construction
  • Plastic construction with easy configuration
  • Durable and easy to clean design
  • Ideal for both sex, ages 3 and up
  • Innovative design with storage compartment at the center

In this first rank of this comprehensive review, Tot Tutors features a two in one design that is ideal for active kids who want to try different things. As the title tries to suggest, it is designed to act as a tutor so that kids can learn about their abilities. Although it features a plastic construction, it is robust enough to support many blocks and the weight of kids as they lean over the benches.

It is so easy to store the Lego blocks since it features a storage pocket right at the middles of the top part. It is compatible with both Lego and Duplo building blocks. Hence, it provides freedom so that the kids can engage in various plays depending on their pleasure preference. The set is meant to keep the kids preoccupied so that they can learn how to reason out and also learn more about the need for team building. With the cover on, the kids can also use the table for reading, eating, and performing other arts.


Kids have to learn something’s on their own. As long as you provide the necessary facilities, kids can develop their abilities solely without the parent’s guidance. This is what Lego tables entail.  Kids have the freedom to arrange and build various structures, and in doing so, the IQ improves. Thanks to the innovation of Lego tables, you can now leave the kids preoccupied with a Lego table, and you can engage yourself elsewhere with other chores. For educational and entertainment purposes, leg table is a must-have accessory for any modern kid.