Top 10 Best Large Camping Tents in 2018 Reviews

Are you planning to spend some time outdoors with your family or friends? There is no need for everyone to carry a tent. Large camping tents are the best solution to make sure that you have enough resting place for everyone. However, you have to be sure the number of people participating in the camping trip in order to make the right pick.

Normally, when looking for any camping tent, the number of sleeping bags it can accommodate greatly determines whether it will be the ideal one. Apart from the capacity, it is vital to look other features like pegs, style, ropes, windows and internal pockets among others. Making a good investment will guarantee excellent camping without suffering the effects of extreme weather conditions. For efficient buying, we have a superb collection of large tents for campers.

10. CORE Equipment 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent, 18 x 10 Feet

 CORE Equipment 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent, 18 x 10 Feet
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  • By: CORE Equipment
  • Item Weight: 52.5 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: CORE Equipment
Product Highlights
  • 12 people capacity
  • Quick setting up
  • Adjustable ground vents
  • Electrical access ports
  • Water repellent fabrics
Are you planning to camp with your friends? The hassle of everyone carrying personal tent is now over. All you need to look is the Core equipment camping tent. It’s an enormous shelter with an ability to accommodate up to 12 people. Thereby an excellent choice when you want to experience the camping fun with your friends or family members. Measuring 18 by 10 feet, the tent delivers ample space that keeps everyone adequately accommodated.

Now, the designing of this tent is outstanding and offers one of the highest protection against elements. The H2O technology employed allows the shelter have perfect water repelling ability. Moreover, the water-resistant fabrics never give up even under a heavy downpour. On the other hand, the seams are sealed and also a taped rainfly that improves the tent performance during rain.

It doesn’t mean that this tent being large will affect the setting up. In fact, it is among the easiest to erect. The integrated frame brings peace of mind when setting up. As a result, you only need a few seconds, and the tent is ready to be occupied. On the other hand, relaxing inside is fun as it has air intake vents, electrical access ports an mesh ceiling to let hot air escape.

9. OZARK 10 Person Tent 2 Rooms Instant Outdoor Cabin Wall

OZARK 10 Person Tent 2 Rooms Instant Outdoor Cabin Wall
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  • By: OZARK
  • Product Dimensions: 33.86 x 47.24 x 66.14 inches
Product Highlights
  • 10 people capacity
  • 68D coated fabric polyester
  • Factory sealed seams
  • Carry bag
Whey fails to go for your camping, hunting, and trails only because you don’t have a tent to accommodate you and friends? If that is the reason, here is perfect choice that will accommodate up to 10 people. The Orzak instant outdoor cabin wall tent is a large and ideal shelter for outdoor functions. Not only the tent is large, but heavy duty materials enable it to withstand field conditions. The wall features durable fabrics coated with a 68D polyester material.

The walls are created to resist rainfall of any intensity and to increase the durability. Furthermore, the factory sealed seams are great in ensuring that the tent is leak-proof. Therefore, you can enjoy yourselves without worries of rainwater finding its ways into the tent. Moreover, the setup style prevents water build up on the roof, hence eliminating chances of collapsing.

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The tent has great space that can accommodate 2 queen sized sleeping air beds. Apart from that, with airbeds inside, it leaves ample space to allow free movements. Enhanced with large windows, it allows sufficient light and also air flow to keep inside fresh. For improved convenience, the tent boasts electrical cord access ports and loft. Carrying bag enables easy transportation.

8. Coleman Prairie Breeze 9-Person Cabin Tent

Coleman Prairie Breeze 9-Person Cabin Tent
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  • By: Coleman
  • Item Weight: 37.6 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 84 x 120 x 168 inches
Product Highlights
  • 9 people capacity
  • LED lighted fan
  • Factory sealed seams
Don’t be stranded in the wilderness when with friends due to lack of shelter. You can always be prepared by carrying a large tent to keep everyone accommodated and comfortable. Among the best choices, you can think of is this large outdoor tent from Coleman. It is large such that, it can accommodate up to 9 people comfortably. Therefore, instead of carrying many small tents, others can carry other camping essentials.

The ability of this tent to provide ample sheltering is due to heavy duty materials used. They are sturdy to withstand high winds and heavy rain to ensure interior is dry and leak proof. With strong poles, that provides adequate strength to keep the tent up even under extreme weather conditions.

Now, when relaxing inside the tent, it provides ample windows to ensure that whole shelter is lighted amply. Furthermore, the efficient airflow keeps everyone breathing fresh air. Equipped with LED lighted fan system, it is possible to enjoy excellent air circulation as you sleep. With factory sealed seam, you can forget about the water leaks.

7. Mountain Trails 10 Person Grand Pass Tent

Mountain Trails 10 Person Grand Pass Tent
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  • By: Mountain Trails
  • Item Weight: 21.1 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 76 x 216 x 120 inches
Product Highlights
  • Shock corded fiberglass frame
  • 10 people capacity
  • 2D style doors and polyester mesh windows
  • Welded polyethylene floor
As the name implies, this tent is the best if you are planning to go camping in rough terrains. Terrains such as mountain trails will be a great choice if you are equipped with this tent. Besides, it supports group camping because it can accommodate 10 people. The tent measures 18 x 6.3 x 10 feet hence offers ample space to sleep and do other things. The design is comfortable and gives a sense of modernity. Thanks to the integrated polyester mesh windows. Also, you’ll appreciate the 2D style doors. It is sturdy enough to resist all outdoor elements such as wind storms and other disasters.

Thanks to the shock-corded fiberglass frame. It is sturdy and durable more than any other large tent in the market currently. In particular, the windows featured a unique shape and made of strong materials to protect against rain. Also, the windows have an excellent ventilation system that allows clean air to move in while dissipating bad air outside. The 2D style door is to offer protection against rain and wind merely. So, as a group of 10, you can sleep in this tent comfortable while feeling secure.

6. Wenzel Klondike Tent 8 Person

Wenzel Klondike Tent 8 Person
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  • By: Wenzel
  • Item Weight: 28.4 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 132 x 16 x 16 inches
Product Highlights
  • Weather tolerant polyester material
  • Full mesh protection
  • Screened area for sun basking
  • 16 x 6.5 x 11 feet
  • 8 person capacity
Are you searching for the best camping tent to spend your vacation? Well, you need something that is weatherproof and something that delivers comfort. It is durable strong, thanks to the weathered armor polyester materials that are strong and resist all weather damage. This material is weather proof. Whether you are worried about the stormy weather, snow, or sun rays, this tent has got you covered.

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Besides, it offers comfort level of the highest degree. It even has a screened area whether you can bask in the incoming sun rays. Full mesh protection means that you enjoy maximum protection and at the same time enjoy clean airflow. Regarding durability, this tent is well adapted. It features double stitched, and lap fell seams which can resist any strong force. This sturdy construction enhances a shingle effect against water. Also, these threads and webbing boast of special treatment which enhances water repellency on these critical areas.

5. Ozark Trail 3-Room XL Family Cabin Tent10-Person

Ozark Trail 3-Room XL Family Cabin Tent10-Person
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  • By: OZARK
  • Item Weight: 31.4 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 27.5 x 12 x 11.6 inches
Product Highlights
  • Total of six windows for ventilation and panoramic view
  • Taped fly seams
  • Three door design
  • 10 people capacity
Whether you want to spend out in the jungle with your family, or with friends, Ozark large tent caters for you. It can comfortably accommodate ten people, and three queens sized matrasses. This implies that the tent doesn’t have to deprive you the freedom to sleep comfortably. And for excellent partitioning, it comes with two removable room dividers. Hence, you can separate and make room for parent and the other for the kids, and it feels just like home.

Equally, it has three doors to allow free entry and exit without necessarily being held in a jam. With a total of 6 windows, you get maximum ventilation and panoramic view. Boasting of taped fly seams, it is incredibly durable and prevents leakage in foggy or rainy conditions. It also boasts easy installation and the framing materials are light for safety and easy portability. It is referred to as a family cabin since it offers all weather protection for the whole family, regardless of the prevailing outdoor weather.

4. CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent

CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent
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  • By: CORE Equipment
  • Item Weight: 35.1 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 48 x 11 x 10.5 inches
Product Highlights
  • Quick installation
  • Core H2O technology
  • Adjustable ground vent
  • Electrical cord access port
  • Includes rain fly, tent shakes and a weatherproof carry bag
Core equipment is known for their durable outdoor gears. And once again, you’ll appreciate this state of the art designed cabin tent. It is the best to carry if you know that you are going to face a rough weather and terrain.  The principle feature with this tent is the core H2O technology which means that this tent is fully protective against any water entry.

Whether you are camping in the tropics or the severe temperate grasslands, this tent doesn’t back down. It delivers beyond what you can imagine. Also, it has an adjustable ground vent.  It includes a port that allows passing through of an electrical cord. Hence, you can use your electrical gadgets just like home provided you have your portable power source outside the tent.

In addition, it features a rainfly; tent shakes and comes with a weatherproof carry bag. For fast installation, his product comes with a pre-assembled frame and all you, have to do is place your tent over and make a little fixing here and there. The floor plan is 14 by 9 feet hence provides a spacious interior. And for convenient use and private matters, you can utilize the provided room dividers.

3. Coleman Instant Tent 8-Person

Coleman Instant Tent 8-Person
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  • By: Coleman
  • Item Weight: 41 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 46.8 x 9.8 x 9.8 inches
Product Highlights
  • 8 person’s two-room space
  • Welded floor and thick waterproof walls
  • Pre-attached poles for fast installation
  • Two doors and seven windows
Coleman instant tent features a state of the art design that enhances incredible weather proofing plus classic style. But a lot of emphases have been put in the designer of the walls and floor to make them watertight. For the walls, they feature thickened material which can’t get damaged even by hailstones. Thanks to the exclusive weather Tec system that locks all possible leaks especially in the sensitive corners and seams.

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For a spacious room, it includes a removable divider that allows you to make multiple rooms for specific reasons. The base measures 14 by 10 and the center height measures of about 6 feet. This implies that you don’t have to bend while walking through the center door.

Besides, it features a total of 7 windows which are weather protected but enhance proper ventilation. For easy installation, this tent comes with pre-attached poles which only necessitates that you make a simple click and lock into place. Establishment takes less than 5 minutes because you only need to unfold the tent, spread, extend poles, click and finally lock it to the right design.

2. Coleman Tenaya Lake Fast Pitch 8-Person Cabin Tent

Coleman Tenaya Lake Fast Pitch 8-Person Cabin Tent
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  • By: Coleman
  • Item Weight: 35.4 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 34.5 x 13 x 11.5 inches
Product Highlights
  • Inbuilt shelves and hanger
  • Fast set up
  • Patented welded floor
  • 8-person capacity
The Coleman has never disappointed when it comes to delivery of premium quality camping tents. One of their best is this 8-person outdoor camp that is constructed to perfection to deliver outstanding shelter. Unlike other tents, it boasts inbuilt shelves and hangers for ease of storing your stuff like phones.

Another perfect feature to enjoy when having this tent is the ability to set up quickly. There are no hassles setting ups the tent bearing in mind that it only takes 9 minutes and is ready for occupation. Created with room dividers, the tent is ideal for maintaining the privacy.

There are no more worries about water leaking when relaxing inside this tent. It incorporates WeatherTec system which features welded floor to keep you dry. Also, it provides ample space to efficiently allow free movement even when the sleeping beds are installed. Despite the vast size, the tent is easy to transport with the provided carrying bag.

1. CORE Equipment 9 Person Extended Dome Tent

CORE Equipment 9 Person Extended Dome Tent
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  • By: CORE Equipment
  • Item Weight: 20 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 9 x 9 x 27 inches
Product Highlights
  • 9 people capacity
  • Adjustable air intake
  • Spacious interior
  • Interior pockets
Looking for the best camping tent to make your outdoor expedition amazing? Core Equipment 9 person dome tent is the right selection for staunch campers. The shelter is designed to last with sturdy walls, poles, and pegs. The water repellant fabrics never allow leaks. The factory sealed seams further boost water resistance. On the other hand, the windows and doors are water sealed to keep inside dry.

Relaxing inside is a great moment in this tent since it lets in fresh air. The walls boast adjustable air vents that facilitate efficient air intake. Furthermore, the mesh ceiling is efficient in allowing the hot air to escape from tent hence perfect cooling. Apart from fresh air, the walls have pockets that enable easy accessories organization.

Unlike other tents, this one boasts ample height headroom to avoid crouching when walking. Featuring 6 feet height, you can enjoy sufficient headrest. The ground space is large enough to fit 3 queen air mattresses to facilitate comfortable sleeping of 9-persons. The tent comes with rainfly, stakes, poles and carrying bag for efficient carrying.


From the above reviews, it is right to conclude that it is possible to camp and enjoy as a large group with a single tent. The only thing you have to do is identify the number of campers and go for the right size camping tent.