Top 7 Best Headrest DVD Players in 2018 Reviews

When traveling with your family, letting the back seated occupant enjoy multimedia is vital. There is only one and surest way of extending the entertainment to the rest of the vehicle; looking for a DVD player. There are different types of in-car DVD players and can be fitted in various place; car roof flips down, headrest, rear view, and in-dash DVD players. However, one of the best options to think of is headrest DVD players.

Although headrest DVD players are an ideal consideration, installing can be a bit tough. The reason behind this is because some modifications need to be performed to accommodate the gadget. With current models, mounting has been made easy. However, they are great especially for cars with two sitting rows. Now, you might be wondering the best gadget for furnishing your vehicle with; relax as here we have made selections for you. The following are the top 7 best headrest DVD players in 2018reviews.

7. eRapta Headrest DVD Player for Car and Home

eRapta Headrest DVD Player for Car and Home
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  • By: eRapta
Product Highlights
  • Suction type optical drive
  • Convert to home DVD player
  • Highly portable
  • Compatible with USB and SD cards

When you are going out with your family or friends’, keeping them entertained is now simple. All you need is to look for a perfect headrest DVD player to keep their mind engaged throughout the journey. One of the top considerations is this Erapta car and home DVD player. It is an ultra-slim device that is dedicated to making sure that it doesn’t occupy a lot of space in your vehicle. As a result, it is ideal to fit in any headrest.

The device is specifically designed to adapt to all vehicle conditions without experiencing damage due to the bumpy conditions. To keep the DVD functioning for a long time, it has a suction type optical drive. With this, it means that you just need to place the disc on the tray and drive will load it. This is an outstanding feature since it enables you to load disc anywhere even on rough roads without damaging the DVD as with manual ones. On the other hand, the load system is easy even for children and extends the drive’s lifespan.

Now, the entertainment is not only in the vehicle; this player is a great due to versatility. When not in use in the car, it is an ideal for use as a home DVD player. This means that when you have this device, there is no need to buy another player for your house as this one is enough. Furthermore, with an ability to deliver movies in HD, it means pictures are appealing and ensures you remain glued to its 10-inch widescreen. With ability, to support USB and SD cards, the device is an absolute choice.

6. Rockville RDP711-BK 7 Inch Black Car Headrest Monitors with DVD Player/USB/HDMI

Rockville RDP711-BK 7 Inch Black Car Headrest Monitors with DVD Player/USB/HDMI
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  • By: Rockville

If you want to keep your friends and family members entertained, then look for car headrest DVD player. The Rockville headrest monitor with DVD player is the right thing to install into your vehicle. Unlike other car players, this one is smooth and comfortable to install. It comes with universal installation hardware, thus simple and hassle-free. On the other hand, when mounted, the gadget is easy to adjust to fit your sitting position. Consequently, there is no straining when watching movies or playing games.

Having this device installed in your vehicle gives you a lot of freedom. You can either decide to choose between disc, USB or SD to watch movies. Additionally, the HMDI port is great when you want to watch videos on your smartphone. Besides playing videos, the HMDI port is ideal for people who love games as it allows easy video game connection. Amazingly, when playing games or videos via this device, it is possible to connect an additional monitor with the RCA audio/video connectors. Also, the 32-bit inbuilt game and game controllers make sure everything is set.

The Rockville RDP711-BK is a great player with a large 7-inch screen boasting 800×480 pixels. The new digital panel used in the construction ensures high-quality images and resolution than other available displays. Incorporating Sony laser lens, it has an excellent picking ability without pausing. Even homemade discs will plays perfectly on this player without experiencing problems. To enhance performance, the motors and other parts are sourced from Mabuchi world leading DVD maker. Apart from movie and game playing, the device has inbuilt FM transmitter so that you can connect to car speakers wirelessly. The wired headphones and two multifunctional remotes improve your entertainment experience.

5. XTRONS Black 2X Two Car headrest DVD player 9-inch HD Touch Screen

XTRONS Black 2X Two Car headrest DVD player 9-inch HD Touch Screen
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  • By: XTRONS
Product Highlights
  • IR wireless pair of headphones
  • 9-inch HD touchscreen
  • USB and SD card slot
  • Inbuilt multi-region drive

Make your vehicle an entertainment hub by installing these Xtrons car headrest DVD players. They are high-quality devices with unmatched performance. Controlling the player is pretty simple compared to other models. This is because; they are fitted with a touchscreen that eliminates the hassles associated with remotes or buttons. Whether adjusting menu or selecting anything from movies to games, the extra sensitive screens are best a gives you easy clicking by just touch.

Apart from screens being great for controlling the devices, they are also super bright. Boasting 800x480pixelsresolution, they deliver clear images without distortion. These 9-inch HD screens are ideal watching any movies or games thus keeping your eyes and mind entertained. Now, for great sound, these devices connect wirelessly with headphones. They have IR-TX whereby, the technology enables the players to transmit and receive sound within the car. Also, the FM-TX ensures your video or audio is transmitted over the available signal without wiring or extra installations. The DVD players are available with two IR wireless headphones.

Enjoy versatile connectivity with these headrest DVD players. They are equipped with USB ports as well as SD slot to ease your video watching. The USB port and SD are capable of supporting up to 32 GB while SD slot can handle play a maximum file of 4 GB. With these ports, it is possible to play music or movies to keep your journey entertaining. Moreover, the compatibility is excellent, having more ten media format modes. The inbuilt 32-bit games and wireless controllers help to break movie watching monotony with your favorite games. Additionally, the video players are available with multi-regional DVD drives which enable you to view any movie. However, the players are not ideals for active headrests.

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4. Pyle HD Quality Car Headrest DVD Player Monitor Display, 7-Inch Widescreen

Pyle HD Quality Car Headrest DVD Player Monitor Display, 7-Inch Widescreen
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  • By: Pyle
Product Highlights
  • Front buttons control
  • IR wireless transmitter
  • Built-in disc drive
  • Integrated FM transmitter
  • USB/Micro SD reader

Sometimes when carrying back passengers, it can be boring especially during long trips. The best ways to keep them engaged is by adding entertainment in the back seats. The Pyle HD car headrest DVD player brings the perfect way to keep everyone on back entertained. The player boasts a large 7-inch screen that ensures that you enjoy without straining your eyes. Additionally being a digital screen with 1440 x 234 Pixels resolution, it delivers unmatched HD images. Due to this, the player can play HD content without freezing or distorting the pictures.

Forget about the players that come with separate DVD layers. When you have one, it boasts inbuilt CD/DVD player enabling each passenger to watch movies independently. Therefore, depending on the movie genres,  you love it is possible to keep everyone enjoying their favorite content. Apart from playing CD & DVDs, the player is also enhanced with USB and SD card slots. This means that you don’t have to carry discs; you can save that pace and keep your movies and songs in flash drives and memory cards. Additional multimedia devices can be connected via RCA audio and video connector.

Unlike many headrest DVD players on the make, this one comes boasting a zippered concealing flap. This will ensure that your device is safe and not susceptible to theft. Moreover, with wireless FM and IR transmitters, the player gives you smooth connectivity with headphones. With this, it avoids wired connections hence keeping the vehicle neat since there ate tangling wires.

3. Autowings Touchscreen Headrest DVD Player, 9-Inch 1080 Resolution

Autowings Touchscreen Headrest DVD Player, 9-Inch 1080 Resolution
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Product Highlights
  • Leather cover
  • 9-inch touchscreen
  • 1080p resolution
  • Easy operation

Body and mind tiredness always characterize long-distance road trips. Don’t limit entertainment to the front-seated occupants; it is easy to extend sane to passengers at the back. Getting a headrest DVD player nowadays is an easy thing to give anyone in the back seat a reason to smile. Now, Autowigs touchscreen DVD player for headrest is the ideal choice due to its features and general performance. Designed with a touchscreen, it eases control since you can softly click through touching. Consequently, there is need to struggle with a remote control.

When you think about the ease of use of this gadget, you can’t be wrong when you choose it. The player comes with two remote controls and joystick to give your gaming power. With a combination of remote controls, joystick and touchscreen, the player give you smooth operations. On the other hand, it is the performance of this device. It boasts some of the latest video decoding chips that support HD 1080p resolution.

The functioning of Autowigs car DVD player for car headrests is impressive and unique. The designing allows it to play 2 different contents at the same time but in different monitors. To enable this function, the DVD player has 2 RCA video cables output. Moreover, for the contingency when using, it has inbuilt speakers and also capable of working with IR wireless headphones. The FM transmitter allows the player to transmit sound using the strongest signal especially to the car speakers. With USB and memory card slots, and 8-bit games, you can be sure of full entertainment.

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2. NaviSkauto 10.1″ Dual TFT Screen Car Backseat Headrest Portable DVD Player

NaviSkauto 10.1
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  • By: NaviSkauto
Product Highlights
  • Inbuilt speakers
  • Built-in Li-ion rechargeable battery
  • 10.1-Inch dual TFT screen
  • 5 hours playback time

Currently, having a vehicle without headrest DVD players makes it look old-fashioned. They have proved to be vital installations especially in keeping back seat occupants engaged and relaxed. The NaviSkauto dual TFT backseat headrest DVD player is among the best you can get to furnish your car. It is a unique gadget that boasts one of the best craftsmanship and cutting the edge technology. In fact, this player is highly portable and ultra slim to ensure less pace occupancy and great for general use vehicle mounting.

Unlike other DVD players for car backseat viewer, this has a rechargeable battery. The Li-ion battery is strong with amperage of 2700mAh which allows it to perform for 5 hours. As a result, it means that even when outdoors relaxing, it is possible to utilize the device even when there is no power. Furthermore, the designing of this DVD player entails double TFT screens that allow movie watching using both screens simultaneously. Therefore, even when watching as a group, it is possible to watch movies facing opposite direction.

Movie output on NaviSkauto is amazing, and viewers get mesmerizing pictures. Featuring 10.1-inch and 1024×600 HD LED backlight screen, there are no image distortion blurredness or device freezing. Not only the player can play DVDs, but it also has memory card slot and can support up to 128 GB memory card in FA32 a format. Mounting is not a hard task, unlike many that come with installation kits; this one is a minute job since it has Velcro straps for fixing.

1. eRapta Portable Headrest DVD Player, 1080P 10.1-Inch Big Screen

eRapta Portable Headrest DVD Player, 1080P 10.1-Inch Big Screen
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  • By: eRapta
Product Highlights
  • USB and HMDI ports
  • 1080p resolution
  • Region free design
  • Two-way use; car and home
  • 10.1-inch big screen

This eRaptais the best car headrest DVD player so far you can get to install in your vehicle. The device is created featuring exceptional features that ensure perfect performance and high quality. The creation of this DVD player aims at easy installation and provision outstanding video output. In fact, the device boats full 1080p resolution, meaning that you get crystal clear pictures.

Now, the DVD player isn’t only great for use in vehicles only, but, also a perfect choice for home use. It can act as a standard DVD player, thus ideal for home movie watching. Moreover, its portability renders it a cool gadget for use in a variety of places to enjoy outstanding movies. Furthermore, the 10.1-inch display is fantastic and ideal to prevent straining when watching movies.

Regardless of your locality, using this DVD player has no restrictions. It boasts region free design which is great enabling you to watch and CD or DVD. Apart from the disc, the device is a great for playing MP3, MP4, VCD and other popular video and audio formats. The USB port is perfect for improving the multimedia while HMDI port lets you play media from smartphones.


Furnishing your vehicle with modern entertainment devices is the right way of ensuring everyone onboard is entertained. As it is a prove from the reviewed car backrest DVD players, they are number one accessories that every passenger or family car should have.