Top 10 Best Handheld Body Massagers Reviews in 2018

Muscle pain, stiffness, and fatigue can occur at any time. It doesn’t matter the kind of job that you do, but the fact remains that you’ll occasionally need to deal with those challenges. However, with the right body massager, these challenges will no longer have the gut to challenge you. Body massagers work by stimulation blood flow and nerves to enhance muscle relaxation.

In particular, handheld massagers have a formidable reputation regarding the convenience of use, performance, and portability. Our review goes deeper into a wide array of body massagers and presents a top 10 list of affordable body massagers. They feature high performance and feature multiple use design among other incredible features.

10. DR.J Handheld Body Powerful Electric Percussion Massager

 DR.J Handheld Body Powerful Electric Percussion Massager
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  • By: DR.J
  • Five integrated massager heads
  • Versatile design for everywhere use
  • Copper core motor technology
  • 1900 to 2800 RPM
  • Works on 110 volts

Dr. J handheld body massager delivers fast and efficient performances. Unlike the low rated massagers in the market, this one can be used for over three years. The build quality is efficient and that’s why it is backed up by three years warranty. Featuring copper core motor technology enhances the higher percussion motor, a speed which enhances smooth and efficient performance. Unlike other cheap and low rated models which make a lot of noise, these one delivers silent performance. Hence, it allows both body and mind relaxation. It includes five integral massage heads which deliver all-around performance.

The powerful motor mechanism is a great way of performing deep tissue massage. It also features a versatile design for everywhere use. Thanks to the lightweight and cordless design. You can comfortably backpack it take it anywhere you go. Technically speaking, it can deliver from 1900 to 2800 rotations per minute, and it is compatible with 110 volts power output. It is easy to use the device and install the necessary attachments and doesn’t require a whole toolbox.

9. Ohuhu Handheld Massager Double-Head Deep Tissue

Ohuhu Handheld Massager Double-Head Deep Tissue
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  • By: Ohuhu
  • Multiple uses design
  • Adjustable speed settings
  • Comfortable, non-slip handle
  • Therapeutically dedicated design
  • Lightweight and durable ABS material

Ohuhu is a well-known company in the production of electrical related products. And for therapeutic accessories, it is in the frontline of best performances. It is an outstanding device for delivering muscle relief and tension in all parts of your body. Featuring removable heads, it can serve all areas of your body including neck, legs, head, and back. Thanks to the variety of removable massage heads and personalized speed settings. You can cage the speed depending on the intensity of fragility of the area of massage.

With all these features in mind, this device is great for athletes, and anyone experiencing any muscle pain. The recommended time is 30 minutes maximum and for first-time users, 15 minutes would be ideal. Furthermore, the soft and non-slip handle ensures that the operator doesn’t experience any fatigue. Regarding durability, ABS material has got you covered. The material of construction is durable, lightweight and eco-friendly. Hence, this is a great device for all massage needs.

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8. PALOQUETH Cordless Wand Massager for Neck, Back, Shoulder with 8 Powerful Speed settings

PALOQUETH Cordless Wand Massager for Neck, Back, Shoulder with 8 Powerful Speed settings
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  • 8 distinctive vibration speeds
  • 20 vibration patterns
  • FDA approved silicone material
  • •    Lightweight and comfortable honeycomb grip

PALOQUETH is among the worlds leading manufacturers of lifestyle products. This cordless massage is made of lightweight materials that are also incredibly durable. The materials are approved by FDA for quality and safety performances. Boasting 8 distinctive vibration speeds and 20 vibration patterns, it delivers customized performances depending on the area of the body you are working on. Also, the waterproof design means that you can have unlimited fun while in the shower. It is perfect for relaxation time when you want has pleasurable moments.

It is super flexible and can be completely submerged for an extended time. Also, this is a device that lets you experience powerful vibrations with a purpose. You can easily adjust the speed settings so that it releases strong vibrations’ required for deep massaging. And when you want it shallow, you simply lower the speed settings and the vibrations is set it the norm. Operating this machine is just simple. You only need to use some user-friendly buttons, and you engage in super performance. LED lighting features allow comfortable operation of the device.

7. LiBA Percussion Handheld Deep-Tissue Electric Massager Adjustable Speed

LiBA Percussion Handheld Deep-Tissue Electric Massager Adjustable Speed
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  • By: LiBa
  • Three massager heads attachments
  • Powerful motor that delivers 5000 pulsations in one minute
  • Extra-long 16 feet cord for enhanced portability
  • Simple to use adjustment switch

Are you suffering from aching neck, legs, back or shoulder? Don’t live that kind of stressful life again, LiBA massager is all you need to use. It is the best pain relieving device if you are looking for long-term results. It uses a powerful motor that can deliver 5000 pulsations in one minute.  Its massaging technique is known to cause muscle and skin stimulation, hence brings an all-round pain relief. Through this stimulation, the muscles gain strength and their flexibility increases.

With a variety of three interchangeable massage attachments plus the variable speed control, you can customize the intensity depending on what you prefer, besides, different body areas will require varying intensities if you have to enjoy the massager to the fullest. Adjusting the pulsation and speed is so easy, thanks to the dimmer like sliding switch is so easy to use. Moreover, we can fail to appreciate the portability of this body massager. Thanks to the sleek, lightweight design and the incredibly long power cord that measures 16 feet.

6. RENPHO Deep Tissue Massager, Hand Held

RENPHO Deep Tissue Massager, Hand Held
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  • By: RENPHO
  • Excellent cordless design
  • DC power operation
  • Easy to use buttons
  • 3 interchangeable massage heads
  • Incredibly long handle and lightweight design
  • Auto shut off feature

RENPHO deep massager device features a cordless design and delivers incredibly high pulsations to relive all your muscle pain. The cordless design together with lightweight materials construction makes it mobile so that you can deep massage your body anywhere you go. It has a great motor that efficiently utilizes the battery power to deliver 3600 pulses in just one minute. For safety purpose, it has an auto shut off feature that stops the device after 20 minutes of running.

This mechanism prevents overheating of the device that could result in lethal damage of the device. It delivers quick action that will not only physical relax your body, but it enhances proper blood circulation, and joint flexibility hence prevents chronic conditions such as depression, arthritis, and other conditions. Besides, don’t worry about battery charge running out, when fully charged, it can run the device for 75 minutes.

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5. Homedics PM-50 Mini Massager with Hand Grip, Battery

Homedics PM-50 Mini Massager with Hand Grip, Battery
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  • By: Homedics
  • A unique low profile design
  • Four kneading ends
  • Easy to use buttons
  • Trendy colors on the same device

Are you suffering from aggravating pain on your back, neck, shoulders, legs or other parts of your body? You need to have Homedics PM 50 mini massager. It operates on a powerful battery that is durable too. It works by enhancing deep kneading so that even the deepest point of your muscles to deliver outstanding relaxation. The design is unique to maximize the pressure on the specific points of your body.

It has a total of four kneading heads which are on the same platform and a comfortable at the top of the design. You don’t have to keep changing the massager attachments, all you need to use the attached heads interchangeably. It has an easy on & off feature, and the battery is powerful such that it can run the device for over 40 minutes without requiring a recharge. Besides, the design looks gorgeous due to trendy forward colors. The colors are available as irresistible pink, blue or green.

4. Naipo percussion body massager

Naipo percussion body massager
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  • By: Naipo
  • 6 different massage nodes
  • Varying speed control
  • High intense motor
  • Eco-friendly ABS material
  • Optional heat function

Naipo body massager lets you live the life you love and equally love your lifestyle. It has a total of 6 interchangeable massage nodes which offer specific muscle kneading functions. The six nodes come as 3 breaths of air which consist of silicone or ABS materials, and they deliver deep tissue massage so that you can live a stress-free life. You know how neck, back or leg pain can get lethal socially if you experience prolonged suffering.

But if you have this massager, you will never experience all these problems. With the different speed controls, you can choose the intensity depending on the underlying task. For instance, neck and back massage will require different pulsations. Thanks to the high-intensity motor and the easy to use buttons.

Operating this device is quite a simple because you just need to make a few presses. Copper core motor is strong, durable and enhances high performance. Besides, it has an overheat protection features that keep it safe.

3. VIKTOR JURGEN Electric Full Body Massager, Double Head

VIKTOR JURGEN Electric Full Body Massager, Double Head
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  • Double head massage
  • Three sets of head attachments
  • Ergonomic and soft massage heads
  • Easy to use speed adjustment switch
  • 5000 pulses per minute motor
  • Comfortable nonslip handle

VIKTOR JURGEN electric body massager is an affordable percussion massager that allows performing massage at home or on the go. It allows you to perform the process effortlessly all by yourself. Besides, the highlight and handheld design make it easy for you to do massage on all parts of your body without straining. Featuring here sets of head attachments and the double massage heads, you can relax muscles from the neck, back, legs, shoulder, and other parts. Furthermore, the heads are soft and ergonomic to enhance fast relive.

And for your convenience, it has speed variation settings so that the right pressure works on the specific part without causing or underperforming. Thanks to the powerful motor which is capable of delivering 5000 pulsations in a minute. Moreover, it features a valuable design which is available at a cost friendly price. The 71 inches cord enhances greatly to reach so that you can explore all parts without any hassles.

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2. HoMedics HHP 350 Percussion Action Massager

HoMedics HHP 350 Percussion Action Massager
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  • By: Homedics
  • Dual pivoting heads
  • Variable speed control feature
  • Three custom attachments
  • Produces soothing heat

It comes as no surprise that HoMedic’s HHP350 percussion massage is among this top 10 best list. Securing this second rank means that it has outstanding construction to boast of. It functions with percussion mechanism type of massage that delivers intensely relaxing experience. It features two heads that deliver percussion action that produce about 3100 pulsations in one minute.

Equally, it features an easy speed control that allows you to increase or decrease the intensity of the massager for different purposes. The motor performance is also supplemented with ergonomic design for flawless performances. Thanks to the comfortable handle that provides a nice grip so that you can hold it for long without experiencing fatigue.

Besides, the devices are incredibly lightweight and sleek, therefore, is incredibly portable. Unlike the traditional types of body massagers which work coldly, this one produces some soothing heat so that the effects can rejuvenate the nerves deep in the skin.

1. Wahl Percussion Deep Tissue Therapeutic Electric Massager

Wahl Percussion Deep Tissue Therapeutic Electric Massager
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  • By: Wahl
  • Variable intensity
  • Sleek and ergonomic design
  • Four distinctive attachments
  • Powerful motor with 3350 pulses per minute
  • New flat disk attachment

And as they say in every variety, there must be the best choice. Wahl percussion therapeutic massager takes the lead position in this review. It has such amazing design with fantastic features that will surely satisfy you. In particular, it provides an all-round targeted massage to support an active lifestyle. It has a superb combination of superior, powerful motor that delivers 3350 pulsations per minute.

The variable intensity control feature of this massage delivers customizable pain relief. Also, it is ideal for deep kneading therapeutic massage that delivers muscle relaxation by eliminating stiffness. Through the unique percussion, it enhances ultimate massage experience for safety and comfort since it disrupts the pain signals.

With the four customizable massage attachments, you can eliminate pain from any part of your body. These attachments include the finger flex attachment which has four nodes to mimic the masseuses’ hands. The other attachment is the acupoint attachment which pinpoints the deep tissues to break up knots and deliver excellent relaxation.

The deep muscle rounded attachment features a smooth head to enhance all body pain relief. Besides, the new flat disc is wide enough h to distribute pulsations to cover wide areas for maximum muscle relaxation. The lightweight and pocket smart design allows you to perform the required massage anywhere you go.

For sure there is no need of spending your hard earned money in a massage parlor. You can perform the same task that a masseuse does all buy you. When you have the right body massage device with the best feature, you can do all forms of massages that will satisfy and offer full body relaxation. In our list, above, you’ll have hundred percent surety that you’ll have the best massaging experience.