Top 10 Best Crossfit Shoes for Men in 2018 Reviews

Keeping your body fit, you must have enough exercises. Whether running, running or any exercising; feet bears all the weight. Therefore, having ideal training shoes is a priority. The CrossFit trainer shoes are the best option you can make to keep your feet adequately supported. A good training shoe should offer ample padding, support and improve your stability. However, how do you get the ideal shoe when the market is already flooding with hundreds of brands? It is very simple. You just need to check our top 10 best CrossFit shoes for men in 2018 reviews.

10. New Balance Men’s MX409V3 Cross Trainers

 New Balance Men's MX409V3 Cross Trainers
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  • By: New Balance
Product Highlights
  • Soft heel pillow
  • Rubber sole
  • ABZORB midsole
  • Fabric construction
New Balance is not a new name for many people especially athletes. They are involved in the production of fabulous shoes that enable smooth training. These trainer shoes from the company are what you need to improve your workouts. Light and highly padded, the cross trainers ensure hours of practice without experiencing feet discomforts.

The creation of these shoes focuses on giving your feet ample hugging, thereby providing unmatched comfort. They feature fabric construction which increases the breathability, thus reducing over sweating and bad odors. On the other hand, the ABZORB mid insole is a perfect way of ensuring efficient sweat absorption, hence dry feet.

Now, there is no worry when training since the shoe boasts perfect grip. The rubber sole is an ideal way of improving the stability through enhanced ground handling. Furthermore, with great padding on the heel section, it means that you can rely on it without experiencing joint pains. Designed with lace closure, the shoes are all you need to train with ease.

9. Reebok Men’s Crossfit Speed TR Cross-Trainer Shoe

Reebok Men's Crossfit Speed TR Cross-Trainer Shoe
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  • By: Reebok 
Product Highlights
  • Textile synthetic blend
  • Rubber sole
  • Upper compression sleeve
  • Front foot cradle
With Reebok training shoes, you can always feel the inspiration and comfort. This TR cross trainer is a perfect way to enhance your exercising. Featuring outstanding construction consist a combination of synthetic and textile materials. This blending significantly reduces the overall weight, thus exceptional performance. The compression sleeve on the upper side is ideal for maximizing comfort while on the other hand keeping feet with generous support.

With heavy shoes, training can become cumbersome and reduces the efficiency. But this shoe has a low cut design that ensures ensure that weigh is significantly reduces. Furthermore, the midsole features ultra-soft compression molding that gives your feel a cozy feel. Also, the insoles provide excellent breathability to keep your feet correctly breathing.

The Reebok TR Cross-Trainer Shoe compared to other training shoes, it features a cradle forefoot that helps to offer outstanding fitting. Moreover, the metafoot flax groove enables sufficient toe playing thereby reducing pressure build up. The rubber sole is all you need to train without skidding and with enhanced stability. The infused graphics keeps the shoe looking stylish.

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8. Nike Metcon 2 Cross Training Shoes

Nike Metcon 2 Cross Training Shoes
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  • By: Nike 
Product Highlights
  • Dual memory foam midsoles
  • Comfortable flat platform
  • Synthetic and mesh construction
  • Flywire mid shoe technology
Nike metcon, a shoe designed for every athlete is the ultimate choice when you want to get enhanced performance. The shoe has the light and durable construction materials. It boasts a combination of mesh and synthetic materials that are highly breathable to keep feet refreshed. Due to this, the trainers are the great choice for any workout. Whether heavy lifting, splits, climbs and flexibility work the shoes are what you want.

The comfort when using this cross trainer shoe enables your feet to experience the superb feeling. The interior features super soft and comfortable finish. Enjoying extra comfortable dual memory foam, it ensures durable and excellent cushioning. Therefore, there is no straining when involved in heavy-duty training that requires great feet support.

Forget cheap shoes that are sweaty and keeps your legs moving due to excessive wetting. The Nike Metcon is uniquely crafted with flywire midsole technology that keeps your feet locked into position. On the other hand, with a flat platform, the shoe is perfect for weightlifting since the feet get the ideal alignment. The drag-free heels also promote stability, especially when performing hand-stand pushups.

7. ALEADER Men’s Mesh Cross-Traning Running Shoes

ALEADER Men's Mesh Cross-Traning Running Shoes
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  • By: ALEADER 
Product Highlights
  • Highly breathable double mesh
  • Cushioned insoles
  • MD/rubber strong sole
  • Sleek5 claws sides design
Do you want to improve your training experience? A suitable cross training shoe will be a proper consideration. The Aleader cross – training shoes for men, are one of the outstanding choices you can make. It’s not just like regular training shoes that give your leg muscles a hard time due to weight. To improve the comfort when training, this shoe features durable dual mesh construction. This means that your feet enjoy surpassing breathability.

The overall designing of this shoe is to cut weight as possible while improving the performance. That is why wearing it feels just like walking barefooted due to extremely lightweight. However, the ample padding and cushioning keep your feet with proper hugging. Thus when running, you won’t experience discomforts due to rough surfaces. Despite great cushioning, the insoles have a breathable lining to prevent smelly feet.

Not only the shoe is high performing, but boasts a stylish designing. On the sides, it has 5 claw designs that improve its appearance. Moreover, the strong laces design gives the shoe perfect closure leading to unique support. Thereby with any training, the shoe will stick to your legs without causing unnecessary leg movement. A blend of MD and rubber sole delivers high durability and performance.

6. NIKE Men’s Train Prime Iron DF Cross Trainer Shoes

NIKE Men's Train Prime Iron DF Cross Trainer Shoes
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  • By: NIKE 
Product Highlights
  • Flywire cable forefoot
  • Lightweight mesh
  • Rugged multi-directional some trends
  • Durable rubber sole
Many times, people get wrong shoes for training. But, with these train prime DF CrossFit shoes from Nike gives you the comfort all your need and reliability. The upper part is constructed from textile which improves its breathability and reduces overall weight. Moreover, the mesh construction ensures that your legs get ample air circulation, hence no odors wetting due to excessive sweating.

If you participate in a variety of training, CrossFit are the ideal choice. They boast high flexibility and versatility. Whether cardio workouts, or weight lifting, the shoe delvers surpassing support and they enable switching from one training to another without subjecting legs to straining. The dual memory foam padded insoles are perfect ways of ensuring that feet receive superb support.

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Without doubts, wearing these shoes for your training, you can never go wrong. Designed to last for long, the sole features rubber construction, this means that you can use it under all conditions whether indoors or outdoors without compromising the comfort. The flywire fitted on the forefoot is responsible, dynamic support. Thereby, weightlifting, cutting or running can be done without subjecting feet to discomfort.

5. Vibram KSO EVO Men’s Cross Training Shoe

Vibram KSO EVO Men's Cross Training Shoe
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  • By: Vibram 
Product Highlights
  • Lightweight synthetic sole
  • Manmade leather
  • Speed racing lacing system
  • Lightly padded tongue
Are you looking the right shoes to accomplish your training without experiencing any problems? There are many ways of ensuring you get comfort in the feet but ideal one is to get reliable shoes. The Vibram KSO EVO cross training shoes are one of the unique sports footwear that every athlete should give a trial. Unlike the fabrics designed trainer shoes, these features extra lightweight and durable manmade leather. Unlike the natural leather, this one facilitates breathability hence preventing excess sweat wetting your feet.

Besides having tough upper construction, the bottom sides are also fantastic. In fact, the sole is made of synthetic materials and super thin to enable proper feet flexibility. The XS trek outer sole is superb in facilitating feet to get required flexibility. Due to this, when performing a variety of training. You won’t have issues with the flexibility.

Regardless of where you are training, the shoes will enable high versatility and agility. Unlike the standard shoes which have a smooth blade, these are serrated. Besides, the light padding gives you a natural feeling when walking without compromising the comfort. Moreover, the speed lacing design keeps the shoes on your feet no matter what.

4. Reebok Ros Workout TR 2.0 Men’s Cross-Trainer Shoe

Reebok Ros Workout TR 2.0 Men’s Cross-Trainer Shoe
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  • By: Reebok 
Product Highlights
  • Mesh and textile construction
  • Anatomically designed
  • Multi-surface rubber sole
  • Imeva midsole
Reebok always delivers exceptional sports shoes that keep trainers inspired. These Ros workout TR2.0 men’s cross trainer is one of their shoes that provide functional training. There are no hassles when it comes to these CrossFit shoes since they only give your feet complete enclosure and comfort. With perfect updates, the trainer shoes are the excellent companion for your workouts.

Forget about the shoes that give your feet stressing fitting due to uneven cradling. With these, they boast anatomically designed shape that perfectly conforms to the feet. The upper side features a combination of mesh and textile that improves the condition of these shoes. Moreover, the Imeva midsoles are designed to deliver ample cushioning hence reduced shock impacts.

The sole is the heart of every shoe and determines how durable it will. Now, considering that, these Ros workout TR 2.0 boast rubber soles. Not only rubber alone, but the sole also has multi rubber outer sole that brings unmatched support and durability. With 4 mm drop, it gives your legs flexibility and great cushioning against any rough surface.

3. Reebok Men’s Lifter PR Cross-Trainer Shoe

Reebok Men's Lifter PR Cross-Trainer Shoe
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  • By: Reebok 
Product Highlights
  • Leather on front foot
  • Anti-friction lining
  • Easy dual hook and loop closure
  • Heat activated foot warps
Although there are a variety of training shoes, choosing the right one for your fitness activity is vital. Now, the Reebok lifter PR cross – fit for men is here for people who are serious about the fitness program. They have great versatility and lightweight to improve your training. The construction and designing of these shoes bring high stability due to enhanced support.

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The heat activated wrap feet wraps are the reason why the shoes deliver outstanding hugging the legs. On the other hand, wearing these CrossFit shoes offers you great efficiency. Unlike the laces, these come with quick and easy to use dual hook and loops closure system. With this closure system, it eliminates the chances of breakouts.

Now, many people have at least one or several time shoes that have a lot of friction, causing soreness on the feet. This mess is now over as these training shoes come with anti-friction lining to improve the overall comfort. The leather finished in the toe protects the forefeet from discomforts especially during weight lifting.

2. NIKE Men’s Metcon 3 Cross Training Sneaker

NIKE Men's Metcon 3 Cross Training Sneaker
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  • By: NIKE 
Product Highlights
  • High durability and lightweight
  • Meshed heel and ankle
  • Firm rubber heel
  • Powerful fly wire cable
Are you wondering are the best shoes to spice your fitness training program? The right answer for you is the Metcon 3 cross-training shoes from Nike. These training sneakers are perfected to ensure that you have proper flexibility and cushioning. The midsoles are significantly cushioned to ensure that your heel has needed support to enable heavy-duty training like weight lifting without problems.

In the high wear areas, the shoe has added reinforcement to ensure that it delivers ample protection and reliability. The overall construction features lightweight yet durable materials that considerably cut the shoe weight. With this style of construction, it means less weight but high durability.

The rubber sole is superb in improving the grip whenever training. However, the sole has firmer rubber at the heel section which enhances the stability. The forefront has a flexible sole that enables toes to have free movement. The integrated fly wire brings a powerful lockdown and confidence when in the training process.

1. Reebok Crossfit Nano 7.0, Men’s Cross-Trainer Shoe

Reebok Crossfit Nano 7.0, Men's Cross-Trainer Shoe
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  • By: Reebok 
Product Highlights
  • Low profile design
  • Nano weave
  • Crystalline rubber outer sole
  • 4 mm dropping from heel to toes
When looking for a CrossFit shoe, just go for the best. This Reebok CrossFit Nano 7.0 cross trainer for men is the best so far you can get. Only by looking at it, the shoe is incredible and sleek besides high performance. The designing and creation of this shoe is not like in rivals. It is low profile and features Nano weave on the upper part.

If you want the perfect shoe that gives you seamless breathability, you can bet on this Nano 7.0. The upper part provides unmatched breathability due to great ventilation. Furthermore, the evolved woven technology enables the shoe to fit perfectly while delivering secure fit.

The comfort that comes with this shoe is fantastic. The 4 mm elevation from heel to toes means you won’t strain when performing weight lifting and movements are natural. With outer sole featuring crystalized rubber, it means that the shoe delivers high flexibility when walking.


Cross-trainer shoes are the absolute choice for fitness training. The shoes are designed to bring high performance as well as keeping feet comfortable. As we have seen, the different brands use various technologies and design to bring out best experiences.