Top 10 Best Bowling Shoes in 2018 Reviews

Bowling is one of the most played during recreational times. Although it is played at international tournament levels, many people usually play it for leisure. Whether a professional or recreational player, best bowling shoes are must have to enjoy the game. However, getting the shoes for bowling game depends on the level of expertise.

Typically, we have universal and performance bowling shoes. For universal, they are ideal for beginners. They look more like regular athletic sneakers. On the other hand performance, shoes are mostly for professionals. They have various features that enable players to enjoy high performance. If you love the game, here are the top 10 best bowling shoes in 2018 reviews to inspire your training or leisure play.

10. Dexter Turbo II Wide Width Bowling Shoes

 Dexter Turbo II Wide Width Bowling Shoes
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  • By: Dexter
Product Highlights
  • Synthetic top part
  • Broad width design
  • Rubber sole with raised heel
  • Soft lining
If you need to sharpen your bowling skills, training regularly is mandatory. However, what people tend to overlook are the type of shoes they are using. The ideal ways to make sure that you have high confidence is by looking for these turbo II wide width bowling shoes from Dexter. They are outstanding shoes that enable you to have excellent maneuverability and stability when throwing.

To improve the shoe performance, it has a sole with perfect grip to make sure that you have ideal braking. Furthermore, the heel is rubberized and raised to give your legs perfect stability and confidence during the game. Moreover, the rubber sole is responsible for minimizing impacts and shocks.

Whether you are a left hand or right-hand player, Turbo II is available for all players. Thereby, no hassles when are looking for the ideal shoe to enjoy your gaming with comfort. The upper side is manufactured from durable and lightweight synthetic materials that give the shoe great flexibility. The soft interior lining offers an incredible support to keep your legs with adequate hugging.

9. Dexter Dani Bowling Shoes

Dexter Dani Bowling Shoes
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  • By: Dexter
Product Highlights
  • Stylish design
  • S8 microfiber sliding soles
  • Non-marking rubber sole
  • Horseshoe heel
  • Synthetic construction materials
For excellent bawling playing sessions, don’t leave your Dexter Dani bowling shoes. They are highly inspiring shoes due to their construction. Featuring a sleek design, these shoes deliver professional style to enable people to feel like they are playing a tournament. Unlike most of the bowling shoes available, these comes boasting S8 slide sole technology. As a result, it is possible to replace your sole to improve or maintain the performance.

Now, if you have been using rigid shoes that deny your legs high flexibility, these Dani shoes are here to offer you solace. They are constructed from lightweight but durable synthetic material. Due to high versatility, the shoes boast high durability since there is no cracking. The interior has soft fabric lining that keeps feet feeling comfortable, together with the padded collar.

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Nothing is exciting like having a great shoe that guarantees stability during the game. To achieve this, one needs to have a shoe that offers high traction. With these shoes from Dexter, they have strong and high grip soles that provide incredible stability and braking. The soles feature non-marking rubber that is safe to the floor and are U-shaped. Furthermore, the heels are designed in horseshoe style.

8. Brunswick Bowling Products Ladies Karma Bowling Shoes

Brunswick Bowling Products Ladies Karma Bowling Shoes
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  • By: Brunswick Bowling Products
Product Highlights
  • Breathable upper material
  • Lightweight design
  • Foam padded collar
  • Microfiber slide sole
The fantastic thing about bowling is that everyone can play the game. Whether man or woman, it is an ideal game to keep you engaged during the recreational times. This women bowling shoe from Brunswick has much dedication to keeping the player with relaxed and comfortable time. The upper section features highly breathable materials that keep legs cozy and dry. Consequently, your feet do not develop bad odors.

Avoid the hassles associated with heavy bowling shoes. They can significantly affect your performance, resulting in the undesirable result. This is the reason that these lady shoes are created with minimal weight. Unlike the leather made shoes, these are fabrics made, which is essential in keeping them comfortable an easy to move while wearing.

Besides the overall weight and comfort, the shoes have highly reliable outsoles. The soles are rubber made to improve traction. Moreover, the removable microfiber slide soles are easy to remove. Also, the shoes boast performance mesh and foam padded collar that give your legs ample hugging and comfort. The slip-on design and lacing closure design help to ease the wearing process.

7. Brunswick Frenzy Bowling Shoes for Men

Brunswick Frenzy Bowling Shoes for Men
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  • By: Brunswick
Product Highlights
  • Lightweight EVA outsoles
  • Foam collar and tongue padding
  • Raised rubber heels
  • Easy sliding microfiber soles
The Brunswick frenzy are athletic looking shoes created to ensure that everyone enjoys bowling. Everything in these shoes is designed to make sure that the user gets the highest performance. The construction of these shoes features extra light materials that keep them easy to use. To ensure this, the outsole has EVA foam padding that dramatically cuts on overall weight. Further, the top part has EVA foam material with mesh covering.

When it comes to stability, these frenzy bowling shoes are superb. They are created featuring light soles which are easy to maneuver with during the game. Moreover, the heels are raised, and rubber made to enhance braking and safe sliding. For superior slide, the EVA foam is outstanding and offers effortless sliding. The sliding foam comes in both shoes.

The shoes aren’t only designed to facilitate performance, but also have high comfort. Unlike with other shoes, the EVA foam outsoles are excellent in enhancing the general leg comfort. Due to the soft nature, the shoes deliver great high shock absorption. Moreover, the top part is highly breathable to keep your feet as dry as possible. With foam padded collar and tongue; the sneakers give your legs excellent hugging.

6. Brunswick Vapor Bowling Shoe for Men

Brunswick Vapor Bowling Shoe for Men
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  • By: Brunswick
Product Highlights
  • Synthetic upper material
  • Extra lightweight outsole
  • Foam padded tongue and collar
  • Microfiber slide soles
Do you want confident bowling without experiencing discomforts and inconveniences? One of the top choices is vapor bowling shoes for men from Brunswick. The shoes have balanced and high-quality construction to bring real comfort to your home. Equipped with sliding microfiber soles on both shoes, it makes possible to perform slides hassle free.

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Not only the soles are great for sliding, but also perfect for ensuring that your legs enjoy the incredibly lightweight feel. Consequently, with these shoes, it is possible to perform al maneuvers without risking falling or injuries. The outsole boasts EVA foam construction that dramatically cuts the overall weight.

For additional support and comfort, the shoes enjoy synthetic upper construction. The material facilitates proper breathability to prevent legs from suffering excessive sweating. Besides, the shoes are highly padded on the tongue and collars to maximize overall comfort. With slides on both shoes, they are perfect for either for right or left-hand throwers.

5. BSI Women’s 651 Bowling Shoes

BSI Women's 651 Bowling Shoes
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  • By: BSI
Product Highlights
  • Leather upper
  • Lightweight EVA soles
  • Glued soles
  • Sleek embossed logo
Combining elegance and performance, the BSI bowling shoes for women are all you need to keep your skills up. These shoes feature professional construction to enhance high performance. Unlike other bowling shoes, these have leather construction. This significantly improves the durability and keeps feet secure. Its construction correctly enables women to have excellent playing time.

Running or sliding wearing these shoes when bowling is efficient and stress-free. They are super lightweight bearing in mind the outsole is made of EVA foam. Unlike rubber soles, these are extra light and offer ample cushioning thus keeping your legs free from pain and shocks. Moreover, the foam soles are perfect for sliding with minimal friction.

Comfort is not left out during the construction of these shoes. The interior has soft lining materials that give your legs great feeling. The collar and tongue are padded using EVA foam for improving feet comfort and protection. Besides, with midsoles having outstanding padding enables them to provide perfect feet comfort. Amazingly, the shoes are available in a range of sizes for every woman.

4. Dexter Kameron Bowling Shoes

Dexter Kameron Bowling Shoes
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  • By: Dexter
Product Highlights
  • Canvas upper
  • Universal sole
  • Fabric lining
  • Side breathing vents
  • Non-marking rubber sole
Whenever you think about bowling, Dexter shoes should always come in your mind. The company is dedicated to ensuring that you get outstanding quality shoes to make your training amazing. Among the variety shoes, the Kameron bowling shoes are the excellent pick for leisure bowling playing. Unlike other types of shoes, these features canvas construction that is tough and has extended durability.

The cotton canvas used is sturdy but has excellent breathability. Whether training during summer or winter, they are great since no over-sweating and keep your legs warm. Additionally, the interior is lined with soft materials that are soft and gentle to the legs. To minimize friction and pressure build-up in the shoes, they are padded by great EVA foam.

Traction when bowling is enhanced by the defined heel that balances and aligns your legs. Moreover, even when playing indoors, the non-marking rubber soles help to keep the floor clean. The fitted S8 microfiber slide sole ensures smooth sliding while the incorporated vents allow ample air flow.

3. Dexter Men’s Pro-AM II Right Handed Bowling Shoes

Dexter Men's Pro-AM II Right Handed Bowling Shoes
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  • By: Dexter
Product Highlights
  • Right-handed users style
  • Manmade leather upper
  • Adjustable fit
  • Rubber outsole
  • Fabric lined interior
When looking for the ideal shoes that will enhance your bowling skills, don’t forget to get this Dexter Pro-AM right-handed shoe. Unlike the regular bowling shoes, this is created to enable perfection and throwing skills. That is why is designed to keep right-handed players to sharpen their bowling ability.

He designing of this shoe is dedicated to ensuring that it has a durable life. The upper section boasts manmade leather that drastically reduces the overall shoe weight. Despite being durable, the materials are soft to facilitate flexibility. Interior has a soft lining for maximum comfort and support. Also, the lining maintains proper fitting without friction or excessive pressure.

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Now, the greatest part of a blowing shoe is the sole. That is taken care if you get Dexter Pro-AM right-handed shoe. It has a sturdy rubber sole that provides a perfect grip. With this, it means that you can use it to sharpen your throwing skills without risking unexpected sliding. Besides, the raised heel keeps the legs strong and adequately anchored.

2. Dexter Kerrie Bowling Shoes

Dexter Kerrie Bowling Shoes
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  • By: Dexter
Product Highlights
  • Textile construction
  • Lightweight universal soles
  • Microfiber slide sole
  • Side air vents
  • Removable EVA footbed
Are you looking for an ideal shoe to keep your bowling inspired? If you don’t have an idea, Dexter Kerrie shoe for bowling is going to be an excellent choice. From construction to performance, the shoe is a great consideration. It has a textile construction on the upper part that is of a significant comfort. Unlike leather, the textile is highly breathable and soft and flexible for smooth walking.

Apart from a superior exterior, the interior is outstandingly comfortable. It has fabric interior lining that is soft and provides gentle cushioning. Apart from lining; the collar has ample padding that gives it excellent support. With molded and removable EVA foam footbed, legs won’t suffer from discomforts and excessive pressure. The upper section features CVO classic pattern.

Always a peace of mind is necessary when playing any game. That is why the shoe delivers superb stability and grip anytime you are playing. Designed for use anywhere, the shoe has tough built soft non-marking rubber that safe to floors for indoor bowling. To maximize airflow on the feet, the shoe has air vents on both ends.

1. Strikeforce Men’s Flyer Bowling Shoe

Strikeforce Men's Flyer Bowling Shoe
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  • By: Strikeforce 1051760
Product Highlights
  • Textile lined
  • Microfiber slide pad
  • Durable manmade upper leather
  • Elegant design
Give your bowling training a boot by getting a superior shoe that delivers outstanding comfort and confidence. The Strikeforce flyer bowling shoe for men combines durability, comfort, and elegance. Constructed with high artistry, the shoe comes featuring synthetic designing on the top with high flexibility. As a result, there is no struggle to maneuver when wearing this shoe.

On the other hand, the shoe enables the user to train with confidence since it has highly reliable sole. Designed featuring non-marking rubber, it is slip resistant and doesn’t taint your floor. The slides pads enjoy soft microfiber that ensures you slide effortlessly. Notably, both shoes are fitted with slide pads to fit people whether right or left handed.

Well, with this shoe boating heavy but lightweight padding especially on the collar, it gives legs ample cushioning. The komfort-fit design is ideal for keeping the shoe on the feet when bowling without coming out. With lace closure, the shoe enjoys great fitting.


Bowling shoes, just like other sports need to have perfect fit, comfort and high performing. With these reviewed shoes, it is now possible to play blowing like a professional player. They are reliable and comfortable for everyone to use