Top 10 Best 12V, 6V Battery Chargers in 2018 Reviews

The fact is that there are numerous brands of 6V and 12V battery chargers. Having flooded the market, it is often easy to make the wrong purchase decision. Most devices use these chargers to recharger whenever AC outlet isn’t accessible. So, they are essential in the lifetime of most electronics. This article provides an in-depth review of the top rated and bestselling battery chargers with a rating of 6V and 12V. Having considered some essential features the following are the top 10 best 6V, 12V battery chargers in 2018 reviews.

10. Banshee Volt CAR BATTERY CHARGER, 10 Amp 6/12

 Banshee Volt CAR BATTERY CHARGER, 10 Amp 6/12
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  • By: banshee
  • Compatible with all lead-acid accumulators
  • Easy to install during charging
  • LED indicators
  • Built-in ammeter to indicate charging current
  • Smart, compact and sturdy design
  • Flawless and efficient charging

Having appeared in this review as our number ten, you expect a lot of fantastic features. Indeed, Banshee battery charger is full of amazing feature that will help charge various types of batteries smartly and efficiently. To start with, you should know that this charger is compatible with lead-acid accumulators and other types of batteries. So, you won’t need to buy separate chargers for different types of batteries.

Equally, it is ideal for small a mid-size and large batteries. This means that the charger applies to various machines that use different types of batteries. Whether it is your monocycle, boat, car or trucks battery, this Banshee battery charger charges with the same high vigor. On the other hand, this is pretty easy to install as all you need do is switch, set proper charge rate, clip the provides clips and switch on the device.

The featured LED lights will show the progress of charging and notify you when the battery is full. It is easy to know the charging current as you just have to switch on the ammeter and take the readings. Besides, the small, compact, durable and smart design is valuable to many users.

9. Schumacher SP-1 Automatic Battery Charger and Extender, 2/4-Amp 6/12-Volt

Schumacher SP-1 Automatic Battery Charger and Extender, 2/4-Amp 6/12-Volt
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  • By: Schumacher
  • Automatic feature that distinguishes 6 and 12V
  • Quick connect harness
  • Multiple use design
  • Eight stage multiphase charge system

Schumacher SP1 Battery charger supports both 6V and 12V batteries without the need for linking device. It features an automatic feature that automatically whether your battery is 6 or 12V and produces the supported current accordingly. Thanks to the built-in microprocessor that is so smart to provide some automated tasks. On the other hand, this charger supports multi-stage charging for enhanced precision, safety, and battery life. Just to understand it better, this battery charger boasts automatic detection of the battery voltage and helps in selecting battery voltage safely.

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Compared to other close competing chargers, this one delivers fast charging speed that is three times more. This tells you one thing that this charger is ideal for travelers who don’t have a lot of time on the road. In fact, it is an incredible alternative to jump start apparatus since you will only need some few minutes for full charge. Besides, you will also like the quick harness merit of this device. You can effortlessly change between ring and clamp terminals.

8. LEICESTERCN LST Vehicle Battery Charger, 6V/12V 1.5Amp Maintainer Smart Fast Waterproof

LEICESTERCN LST Vehicle Battery Charger, 6V/12V 1.5Amp Maintainer Smart Fast Waterproof
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  • Four stages of charging
  • Two DC connectors
  • LED indicators
  • Automatic charge cycle functionality

This battery charger features a unique design that brings the whole bunch of maintenance solutions for any lead-acid accumulator. Whether it is for snowmobile, dirt bike, SUV, lawn, mower or any other automobile, this charger delivers the best functionality. The first thing that would attract you is the exquisite design that is waterproof and shock resistant. The design is also compact and slip resistant hence comfortable to handle. The fact that it is dual and water tolerant, the charger is ideal for any situation even outdoor charging. Most importantly, the automatic charge functionality helps in switching to float cycle once the battery is fully charged. Similarly, there are LED indicators which show the level of charging so that you can anticipate the finish time. With several clamp options, you can choose the one that suit you best.

7. MICTUNING Intelligent Fully Automatic 6V 12V Battery Float Charger

MICTUNING Intelligent Fully Automatic 6V 12V Battery Float Charger
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  • Great versatility
  • 8 feet output cable
  • Overcharge protection feature
  • Easy operation with LED indicators

MICTUNING battery charger provides the help that you need when you discover that battery is low. It helps you when you need it most especially when you are in the dark. Thanks to the integrated LED lighting that ensures you recharge the battery without any hassles. This battery floats charge features tons of amazing features to help you when you are in the worst situation.

With it, you’ll find no need to call a mechanic since it is simple to install features safety features. Some of these safety technologies include an overcharge protection and surge protectant. The versatility provided by this battery charger is wide and is an important feature since you can charge batteries of various machines. LED Lights shows several functions, i.e., green when there is no connection, red when connected and off when there is a faulty connection. For fast installation, a manual is provided, and the package includes alligator clips as well as ring terminal leads depending on what your battery necessitates.

6. Schumacher SE-82-6 Battery Charger Dual-Rate 2/6 Amp Manual

Schumacher SE-82-6 Battery Charger Dual-Rate 2/6 Amp Manual
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  • By: Schumacher
  • 6 amperes amperage
  • 2 amperes trickle for small-scale batteries
  • Rugged construction with enamel coating
  • Supports 6, 12 and 24 volts battery systems

Schumacher SE-82-6 Battery Charger is among the many models of battery chargers that the company makes. But, it is a model that features an amazing engineering to give you a unique way of charging batteries. With a 6b amperes rating, it offers fast charging even for big batteries. The two amperes trickle is a unique feature that allows the amperage to drop slightly to accommodate batteries for motorcycles, small boats, and batteries of other small automobiles.

Unlike the other traditional models that are rated 4 amperes, this 6 amperes provides 33 percent faster charging. Regarding construction, it features a rugged design with steel casing coated with enamel finish. Schumacher’s Signature Series features a polypropylene material to enhance durability. As a safety mechanism, the charge comes with a hookup safeguard plus super grip clamps for side and top mount battery post.

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5. Schumacher SC-1200A-CA12Amp 6/12V Speed Charge Battery Charger, Fully Automatic

Schumacher SC-1200A-CA12Amp 6/12V Speed Charge Battery Charger, Fully Automatic
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  • By: Schumacher
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Multiple charging modes
  • 3 Amperes maintainer
  • Automatic amperage adjustment
  • Automated voltage detection

Featuring a smart microprocessor, this battery charger offers premium charging applications. And with 6 and 12 volts, this charger allows 3 amperes for maintaining, 6 amperes for medium charging, and 12 volts for super-fast charging. The digital display enhances the easy reading of the current flowing and the battery charge capacity. As a safety feature, the reverse hook feature protection keeps the battery protected if you mistakenly connect the clamps to reverse terminals.

The device is eco-friendly, energy efficient and boasts of float mode monitoring enhancing a smooth charging process. Featuring multiple charging modes, the device can adjust automatically depending on the amperage required by various battery sizes. The charger can monitor the condition of the battery and adjust in reveres to prevent battery damage. Also, this charger is applicable in SUVs, trucks, ATV, snowmobile, lawns tractors among others.

The retractable handle acts as a cord wrap for 5o amp clamps and power cord and enhances portability. By being controlled by a microprocessor, this charger boasts incredible precision and charging speed on varies batteries. Float mode monitoring heightens battery safety when it charges to full capacity whereby it will resume charging once the battery discharges, and cuts the flow of charge once it is complete.

4. Tenergy 6V-12V l Battery Pack Charger Universal for NiMH NiCd RC Car Batteries

Tenergy 6V-12V l Battery Pack Charger Universal for NiMH NiCd RC Car Batteries
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  • By: Tenergy
  • Two fast charging options
  • Worldwide usage and super-fast charging
  • Auto voltage detection
  • LED lights indicators
  • Temperature sensor to prevent overheating

Tenergy battery charger features an ergonomic design that matches with performance. Unlike other traditional battery chargers, this one features a compact design that makes it highly portable. Two charging options provides for 1 ampere or 2 amperes charging options depending on what you are charging or the time that you need your batteries to be fully charged.

However, 1 amperes option is recommended for 1000mAh, and 2 amperes are charging option is recommended for batteries that are over 2000mAH. Besides, the small universal design with voltage detection is quite a remarkable feature that you won’t find in other chargers.

Moreover, it allows you to charge a variety of devices r of various voltage and regardless of whether they are NIMH OR NiCd. The LED light shows the status of charging. Safety is in its top line for this battery charger. Thanks to the included safety features. Among these features is the temperature sensor which detects the temperature of the charger to prevent overheating which can cause damage to charger and battery.

3. Schumacher SE-4020-CA Automatic Battery Charger 6/12V 200 Amp

Schumacher SE-4020-CA Automatic Battery Charger 6/12V 200 Amp
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  • By: Schumacher
  • Three charging settings
  • Reverse hook-up protection
  • Intelligent microprocessor control
  • Easy to read LCD with LED lights
  • Sturdy clamps

Unlike other conventional models of battery chargers, Schumacher SE-4020-CA Automatic Battery Charger allows you to charge, start an engine and rugged use. These three charging settings are essential in handling various challenges you encounter on a daily basis. While remaining eco-friendly, this battery charger also features an exceptional charging efficiency.

Apparently, the three charging setting include 6 to 2 amperes charging, 40 amperes boost and 200 amperes of course for engine start. The device is smart in excelling its core fountain of charging. Thanks to the microprocessor controlled operation that features reverse hook protection for safe charging without damaging any component.

The timer controlled operation, LED lights as well as LCD DISPLAY are also factors worth a lot of attention and making charging a smooth experience regardless of the battery you are dealing with. Moreover, the whole system is easily portable as it features a comfortable carry handle and wheels for enhanced mobility.

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2. NOCO Genius G750 6V/12V Ultra Safe Smart Battery Charger

NOCO Genius G750 6V/12V Ultra Safe Smart Battery Charger
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  • By: NOCO
  • Cutting-edge technology for efficient charging
  • Streamlined and highly portable design
  • Intuitive LED indicators
  • Chargers lead-acid accumulators up to 30 amperes for just one hour

Noco genius 6V, 12v Charger features a state of the art technology that delivers exceptional charging experience for your batteries. Besides, it is easy to operate because all you have to do is connect it to an AC plug and the rest is easy. Featuring some intuitive LED lightings, this charger shows you the progress of charging.

With its cutting-edge technology, it delivers two times faster charging and can repair malfunctioning batteries. Apart from having a streamlined design, it is also ultra-compact and lightweight to enhance portability and comfortable handling.

It is IP60 certified to be waterproof, UV resistant and it easily mounts on AC wall sockets. Further, this charger monitors the battery 24/7 and stabilizes the energy consumption for safe charging. Another fundamental safety feature is the spark proof technology, overcharge protection and reverse polarity protection. All these awesome features combined, provide for efficient and safe charging of your battery.

1. BLACK+DECKER BM3B 12V and 6V Automatic Battery Charger / Maintainer

BLACK+DECKER BM3B 12V and 6V Automatic Battery Charger / Maintainer
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  • Incredibly slim design
  • Secure connection to battery of the vehicle
  • High-frequency smart charging
  • Automatic switching between charging and floating mode
  • Dust and waterproof construction

As you would have expected, Black and Decker are no joke when it comes to anything related to machines. And once again, it has shown a lot of prowess in this automatic battery charger. It boasts an innovative design that makes it ideal for charging and maintenance of various batters. It applies to charging and maintain batteries of specialties vehicles, RVs, motorcycles, lawn mowers, ATVs, motorcycles and all other batteries that may require efficient charging.

It offers easy connection to the battery since it can be done using clips, O- rings and the vehicles DC plug. It is ideal for maintaining stored vehicles since it has some innovative safety features purposely for that work. It can easily switch from charging to floating mode once it detects that the battery is full. Also, it has some intuitive LED lights which show the progress of charging.

Depending on what you are charging, you can easily switch between 6 volts to 12 volts charging through a simple switch.  More so, the build quality of this charger will fulfill your desires for beauty and functionality. It boasts a certification for waterproofing and dust proof ability.


You cannot imagine a world without car batteries. Not just the car batteries, but all others that run various mobiles. Where AC power isn’t practical, a battery is a must-have. That’s why charging them safely and efficiently has become our center of discussion in our review. With the right charger, you 6V or 12V which are most applicable will have a golden opportunity to stay fully charged and ready to be utilized in a machine. As you have seen, we have smart, efficient and easy to use chargers for 6V and 12V batteries. Choose one, and your battery will never get drained at any point.