Top 10 Best Winter Tents in 2018 Reviews

As winter fast approaches, everyone is busy getting geared to ensure that everything goes on smoothly in those chilly moments. If you’re looking for the best winter tents in 2018 reviews, then you’re in the right place. After sifting through each and every winter tent available on the market, I finally decided to jot down this review.

I won’t just give you a list of the best winter tents on the market, I will also give you some tips on how to identify the cheap knockoffs and avoid them like a plague. In fact, I will start by giving you the tips on how to identify the right winter tents.

Factors to consider before buying a winter tent:

  • The size: You have to consider the size of the winter tent you want to buy to avoid getting something too small or too large for your needs.
  • The material: The material will determine how durable your tent is. For that reason, ensure that you pick the right material, preferably something like polyester.
  • The price: The price has to be reasonable and affordable. Unless you want to get a flop, buy something whose price is considerable.

10. Standing Room Family Cabin Tent 8.5 FEET OF HEAD ROOM 2

  • By: Standing Room Tents
  • Item Weight: 9.6 pounds

This is one of the best products we have on the market. It boasts an excellent design and top-tier durability. Featuring up to 8.5 feet in headroom, this is a fully waterproof winter tent fitted with a vaulted ceiling for added support.

One of the greatest things about this winter tent is the easy setup process which requires a few steps. Additionally, it comes with an extra storage bag for easy storage and efficient transportation. Given its large size, it can accommodate up to four campers. It also has two separate doors and two large zippered windows for added comfort and adequate ventilation. In a jiffy, this is a must-have winter tent.


  • It has four storage pouches for safe storage of your smaller valuables.
  • It’s backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
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9. Dream House Heavy Duty Glamping Tent Safari Tent

  • By: Dream House
  • Item Weight: N.A

Dream House heavy duty winter tent is another option you need to add to your cart this year. It offers different sizes which make it ideal for the entire family since you get to choose the size which is perfect for your family. And yes, it has an excellent groundsheet material which ensures that you don’t get exposed to the cold ground while camping.

The center pole made of galvanized steel makes it quite amazing while the galvanized steel door pole adds to its excellent and durable construction make it a must-have product.


  • It comes with tough zippers.
  • It’s extremely durable.
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8. EverKing 3-4 Person Portable Outdoor Folding Tents

  • By: EverKing
  • Item Weight: 4 pounds

EverKing is a lightweight and highly durable winter tent designed to ensure that you have a great time while camping. The large size makes it perfect for up to two adults or four kids. Of course, if you don’t mind a tight fit, you can also use it with your two other friends which makes it perfect for all campers.

What’s more, this winter tent boasts an Oxford cloth base material which makes it highly convenient. The 190T polyester material used in the construction makes it highly durable while its UV-blocked surface ensures that you are well-protected even on sunny days. The easy setup design allows you to get everything ready in minutes.


  • It boasts fiberglass poles for added stability.
  • It sets up in minutes.
  • It offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • It comes with a single zippered door.
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7. WolfWise Ultralight Outdoor Backpacking Tent Family Camping Tent

  • By: WolfWise
  • Item Weight: 5.1 pounds

This is a polyester winter tent designed to offer unforgettable camping moments. I have personally used it on several occasions and can attest to its superior construction. It boasts a lightweight and compact design which makes it ideal for campers. The waterproof construction ensures that you stay safe from water and all forms of precipitation.

And yes, the anti-tear 190T polyester material used in the construction guarantees ultimate protection and ensures that you sleep safely and comfortably. It also boasts some excellent ventilation meshes with double-stitched seams for better performance. Something else which makes this winter tent amazing is the LED lighting which lights up the nights for added convenience.


  • It comes with aviation-grade aluminum poles.
  • The shock-corded poles make it even better.
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6. Luxe Tempo 2-People 4 Season Tents for Camping

  • By: Luxe Tempo
  • Item Weight: 5.7 pounds

Featuring a stellar combination of style and durability, this is a top-level winter tent boasting a 210T polyester construction. Ideal for two people and perfect for all the four seasons, this highly breathable winter tent is ideal for all campers. It has a mesh roof and two double-layered doors for added comfort and –proper ventilation. The excellent design reduces condensation thus offering unmatched comfort even in the coldest season.

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Fully tested and approved, this tent will ensure that you camp without fear of the season. The tough, durable and weatherproof construction coupled with the carefully welded corners makes this a must-have winter tent for all campers.


  • It comes with a multi-functional mesh gear.
  • It offers handy storage of your valuables.
  • It features reinforced corners.
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5. Luxe Tempo Single 1 Person Tent for Camping

  • By: Luxe Tempo
  • Item Weight: 3.3 pounds

This is a single person camping tent designed for all seasons. Unlike those inferior tents which can only be used on a single season, this one will prove valuable in winter and also in summer. It features a 210T polyester inner material and is highly breathable. The 210T PU coated polyester floor makes it highly comfortable while its polyester footprints which are included in the packaged spice up the purchase making it highly reliable and extremely comfortable.

What’s more, this camping tent boasts a rain fly which is made using an 8000mm water-resistant material for added convenience. It also features a UV-resistant material which guarantees great results and ensures that you have the best experience.


  • This is an all-season tent.
  • It comes with two-layered doors.
  • It features four reinforced panels.
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4. GEERTOP 2-person 4-season Backpacking Tent For Camping Hiking Travel Climbing – Easy Set Up

  • Item Weight: 5.7 pounds

Just like most of its competitors, this tent is designed for all seasons. Whether it’s during summer or winter season, you won’t have to disrupt your camping arrangements for anything. It features some excellent snow skirts which make it perfect for cold and snowy weather conditions. It also has to mesh on the inner section to increase ventilation for warmer camping experiences.

I also find the easy installation and setup process quite outstanding. In fact, it sets up in minutes thus sparing you the hassle of spending hours trying to get trying to get things together. Additionally, it also boasts a top quality construction which makes it fully waterproof and highly durable.


  • It boasts a lightweight construction.
  • It’s perfect for climbing, hiking, and camping.
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3. 3-4 season 2-person Double Layer Backpacking Tent

  • By: Flytop
  • Item Weight: 6.1 pounds

Ideal for all the four seasons, this camping tent boasts a double-layered construction which makes it ideal for all outdoor shelters. Fitted with excellent snow skirts and inner mesh, this is a really great winter tent. Its design enhances thermal performance while the snow skirt guarantees warm and dry environments at all times.

The easy setup process makes it even better since you can assemble it within minutes even without the help of anyone else. Ideal for up to two people, it could also accommodate three people who don’t mind being a little compressed.

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What’s more, this tent is made using top quality, waterproof, durable and double stitched material. It boasts aluminum poles and has a UV-proof coating which makes it highly reliable. If you’re looking for a great camping experience, be sure to check it out.


  • This is a lightweight and compact backpacking winter tent.
  • It’s perfect for all the four seasons.
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2. Camping Tent, Portable Folding Waterproof Outdoor Tent for Hiking Climbing Dome Durable Camping for 1-3 Person

  • By: BFULL
  • Item Weight: 4.4 pounds

On the second position, we have this great camping tent which features a double layered design with ample ventilation for added comfort. The polyester PU 190T fitted with a 2000MM waterproof coating makes it even better and provides excellent water and moisture resistance.

Additionally, this tent comes with a great rainfly which can be used separately as a trap to ensure that you stay comfortable and warm inside the tent. If you’re looking for a winter tent which is perfect for all your needs and provides enough space for you and your friends, this would be an ideal option.


  • It features a c-shaped design for added comfort.
  • The expandable rain fly makes it even better.
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1. Wnnideo Instant Family Tent 6 Person Large Automatic Pop up Tents

  • By: Wnnideo
  • Item Weight: 9.3 pounds

Finally, this Wnnideo winter tent scoops the top position. This is the best winter tent available on the market. Just like all the other options, this tent can also be used in all the four seasons without much hassle. It boasts an elastic fabric which makes it highly convenient. The unique design makes setting it up a breeze while its waterproof construction with large doors makes it perfect for all campers.

Something else you’ll love about this tent is the generous size which makes it perfect for up to four adults and six children. In fact, this is one of the largest tents I have used. Engineered for stronger and durable performance, this is a must-have winter tent.


  • It features excellent UV protection.
  • It comes with a wind-resistant frame.
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Buyers’ Guide:

If you love camping or outdoor activities but aren’t thrilled by the idea of using those cheap and weak camping tents, especially during the coldest season of the year, then you need to get equipped with one of these great winter tents! For the best results, I suggest you pick the Wnnideo winter tent!