Top 10 Best Warmers for Women’s in 2018 Reviews

Keeping warm and still looking fashionable is a daunting affair, especially in the winter season. Getting the right outfit to keep you warm and still look glamorous is an uphill task, especially for women who love fashion. To ensure that you stay warm and toasty during the coldest season of the year, I have prepared this list of the Top 10 best leg warmers for women in 2018 reviews.

In this review, I will not just give you a list of the top winter leg warmers; I’ll also give some tips on how to identify the right ones. Here are the factors to consider before buying any winter leg warmer:

  • The size: Consider the size so that they leg warmers don’t run small or large for you.
  • The material: The material will determine how warm, soft and durable the leg warmers are.
  • The cost: The price has to be affordable and reasonable.
  • The length: The length of the foot is important. Be sure to pick something long.

10. Isadora Paccini Women’s Ribbed Leg Warmers

  • By: Isadora Paccini

These leg warmers offer a single size. The tough construction gives them unmatched durability; while the 60% acrylic, 30% cotton and 10% spandex ensures that you feel extremely comfortable and use it for a long time. Handwashing is the recommended cleaning method and drip drying guarantees perfect results and keeps it in a tip-top condition. Whether you’re at home or simply want to go to the gym during the winter season, these leg warmers will keep you warm and toasty all through.

Something else which makes these winter leg warmers for women highly recommendable is the fact that they’re fashionable and look amazing. For that reason, they’ll keep you warm and still make you look glamorous.


  • It’s affordable.
  • It works with booties.
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9. Body Wrappers Women’s Leg Warmers

  • By: Body Wrappers

This is yet another great option available on the market. Being into fashion, I like staying warming and still looking awesome. And yes, with these leg warmers, I am able to achieve that. The leg warmers boast an extra long design which covers all the way up to the thighs thus keeping you warm and toasty all day long.

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The fact that these leg warmers can be worn over or under shoes and slippers means that you can use them at home or while going out. I have personally used these leg warmers while going to the gym and also find them incredible when I am cuddled up on the couch in the cold winter season. If you’re looking for something incredible and fashionable, then this one would be a great option for you. I bought these leg warmers for my daughter who uses them to attend dance classes and they seem quite impressive since she doesn’t have to skip classes because of the cold weather at all.


  • The acrylic fabric makes them light, warm and soft.
  • They are made using 100% acrylic materials.
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8. VIGVOG Women’s Boho Knitted Warm Long Leg Warmers

  • By: VIGVOG

VIGVOG women’s leg warmers are designed to ensure that you stay toasty and warm all through. Winter season is just around the corner and we are all geared up for the coldest season of the year. And yes, if you’re looking for the best leg warmers, you should be checking the VIGVOG. The 22-inch length and the excellent stretching of up to 15 inches make the leg warmers incredible since they can be used by women of all sizes comfortably.

These leg warmers are super soft, super warm and super lightweight. They are a must-have accessory for the winter season and are made using 100% acrylic materials for added comfort, warmth and softness. The lightweight design makes them highly reliable while their machine washable construction offers easy care. Resistant to deterioration from exposure to sunlight, you can be sure to use these leg warmers for years.


  • They boast a top-quality construction.
  • They’re extremely color-fast.
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7. Eurotard Women’s 2625 Legwarmer

  • By: Eurotard

Boasting 100% Acrylic construction, this is another great option you need to be checking out during the winter season. It’s either made in the USA or imported. If there’s something you’ll really love about these leg warmers is the long size of 36 inches which means that you get to cover from the legs all the way to the thighs.

The acrylic material makes them warm, comfortable and fashionable while their top quality fiber retains their initial color and wicks moisture away thus keeping you dry and toasty. The tough and top-level design gives a resilient finish and resists shrinking, wrinkle or running large.


  • They boast a 100% acrylic construction.
  • They’re soft, lightweight and warm.
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6. Forum Novelties Neon Leg Warmers

  • By: Forum Novelties

These winter leg warmers boast a 100% polyester construction which gives them unmatched durability and unrivaled comfort. If you want to stay warm and toasty while still looking fashionable, this one would be your bet. Imported, it’s designed to last for a very long time and hand washing is recommended.

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The height of 3.94 inches makes them perfect for people who want to look glamorous but not overdressed. And yes, with a width of 1.18 inches, you can trust them to offer a snug fit and guarantee ultimate performance. Having used these leg warmers for quite some time now, I can recommend them to anyone who wants to look fashionable and stay warm.


  • They’re available in a plethora of color options.
  • They come in s single pair of woven warmers.
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5. Wrapables Colorful Baby Leg Warmers

  • By: Wrapables

Wrapables colorful baby leg warmers are another option available on the market. It offers a variety of playful colors, patterns, and styles which make them perfect for kids. Of course, we also want to keep our kids looking amazing and warm. The dimensions of 12 x 3.5 inches make them incredibly amazing for kids of various ages while the cotton, spandex and polyester material used in the manufacture makes them perfect for kids since they’re comfortable, warm and soft.

These are top quality and highly certified leg warmers whose quality is unmatched. The ideal designs and perfect knitting makes them a must-have accessory for the cold winter season. The great design, material, and all other aspects make these leg warmers worthy every time.


  • They’re affordable.
  • They offer various patterns and styles.
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4. Kimberly’s Knit Women 80s Neon Pink Running Headband Wristbands Leg Warmers Set

  • By: Kimberly’s Knit

What do you get for buying these women leg warmers? Well, first, the package comes with a plethora of other accessories like an 18-inch leg warmer, a single headband and two wristbands. I mean, with these additional accessories in the bargain, this package saves you money since you won’t need to go buy the items offered.

One thing you have to note is the fact that the headband doesn’t have the exact color as the leg warmers but they both look amazing. Thick and stretchy, these ribbed leg warmers will keep you warm wherever you are. Whether you’re running or simply want to spice up the Halloween feeling a little, these leg warmers will ensure that you’re cool and well-covered.


  • These are versatile leg warmers.
  • They’re machine washable so you won’t have to catch water during the cold season.
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3. V28 Women Juniors 80s Eighty’s Ribbed Leg Warmers for Party Sports

  • By: V28

Made with an extra stretchy material, these are yet another great option you need to add to your cart. The highly elastic design makes them perfect for people with different leg sizes while the durable construction makes them highly reliable and reliable for years. Made using 20% nylon and 80% viscose, these leg warmers are not only soft but also environmentally friendly and highly comfortable.

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I don’t know about you, but I don’t fancy the idea of having to catch cold water during the cold season. Good news for anyone who holds the same opinion is that these leg warmers are machine washable so you won’t have to wash them using your hand and the cold water.


  • These are highly durable leg warmers.
  • They’re machine washable so you won’t go through the hassle of hand washing.
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2. JustinCostume Women’s 80s Outfit Accessories Neon Earrings Leg Warmers Gloves

  • By: JustinCostume

Coming on the second tier position, JustinCostume leg warmers are yet another great option. They offer a plethora of additional items from earrings and neon headbands to bracelets and fishnet gloves. The leg warmers are stretchable thus offering a snug fit and guaranteeing ultimate results. With these leg warmers, issues of running small or large aren’t an option.

Ideal for ladies and all women, these are highly versatile and fashionable leg warmers which will ensure that you never have to sacrifice warmth for fashion or fashion for warmth.


  • Everything is included in the package.
  • The leg warmers are highly durable.
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1. Smiffy’s Unisex Adult Leg warmers

  • By: Smiffy’s

Finally, the Smiffy’s unisex leg warmers bring our list to a close. These are the best leg warmers designed to offer warmth and comfort. The 100% polyester construction makes them durable and comfortable while their great colors and design ensure that you stay classy and toasty. The long size and convenient width make them perfect while the 80’s theme ensures that you get the perfect look.


  • They’re recommended for dry cleaning only.
  • They’re ideal for over tights and leggings.
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Buyers’ Guide:

When looking for the best leg warmers for the fast approaching winter season, then you need to try one of the options listed above. I personally recommend the Smiffy’s unisex leg warmer. This is the best leg warmer on the market and guarantees added comfort and keeps you warm and toasty.