Top 10 Best Stun Guns in 2018 Reviews

With the increased crime rates, you cannot dare walk in the dark without something to defend yourself in case of an attack. That means you have to equip yourself with the best stun gun for your protection or rather self-defense. It would be very wise if you could invest your time in getting the best out of the top 10 best stun guns in 2018 reviews that we have on the market.

Stun guns are available in various brands, and as you will find on this list, I can tell you for sure that we have simplified your work and what remains of you is to compare on some of the few features based on what we have just explained. Therefore, you should take a keen eye when picking your rightful choice so that you will not go wrong with your choice. With that regard, the best products include the following:

10. SABRE Compact Dual Capacitor Stun Gun

  • By: Sabre
  • Item Weight: 5.6 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 5 x 3.8 x 9.5 inches

This Sabre brand stun gun is one that comes in style with the best value and quality features. Therefore, with this product, you can rest assured of the effectiveness that you will find with it. The other thing about this product and more on what you need to know is that it comes with LED flashlight that you can easily recharge and therefore, with the same feature, you can never go wrong with this great gun. Choosing it is a step towards enjoying the best experience that you have never had before.

With the extreme stopping power that results from the powerful LED flashlights that also induce the intolerable pain and hence making the product the best for self-defense and related functions. The other benefit that you get with this excellent stun gun is that you can use it during the dark to locate the most important things or items. In addition to that, the other features we can just highlight are the durable design and safety from the accidental discharge.

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9. Streetwise Ladies Choice Stun Gun

  • By: Streetwise Security

The name puts it well, and you can differentiate the same from the other types due to the feminine design that comes with it. That means if you are a woman and looking for the best stun gun that could work best for your purpose, then you should grab this choice without hesitation. The product comes with pink stripes, flashlight, and alarm as part of the features that you should take note. Therefore, with the said features and functionality, as a woman, you can acquire the same with the right market price that will not strain your budget.

The best advice that you get is that you should always make a point to acquire at least two stun guns so that you can use one for your home and the other for your car or while on travel. Doing that will eliminate the idea of forgetting your gun at home since the car type will always remain in the car. Another thing that you should take note is that the product is the best gift idea for a friend, family, or any other person whom you might want to give a surprise. Of course, the stun gun is rechargeable and therefore, you should worry less over the same.

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8. Police 928- Extreme Voltage Heavy-Duty Stun Gun

  • By: Police
  • Item Weight: 9.6 ounce
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This heavy-duty stun gun is the best option that you should make if you want the best stun gun that will never come to annoy. Therefore, you should make the right choice of acquiring it if the same impress you on its features. Of course, even before you can decide on this product, you should first dwell on the features that accompany the product so that you can rest assured of its quality and value before you can fall for it.

Coming to the quality features, the benefits, and the specs that you should grab before you can arrive at your last decision over the same, this product is simply the best. The extreme voltage means high power, and therefore, you need to get right on the product so that you can understand it inside out. The other features to mention include the rechargeable capacity, the ultra-sharp spike electrodes, and the great convenience when it comes to the size among other features.

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7. Police Security Extreme Super Powerful Stun Gun

  • By: Police Security Extreme

This super powerful stun gun is not just a name but is the best that you can get for yourself if you are looking for the best stun gun on the market. One thing that comes straight about this product is the high power capacity that makes the product strong for its purpose. Therefore, if you must acquire the best, then you should get this great option that comes with high-quality features and effectiveness. Of course, you can recharge the product since it comes with rechargeable batteries that you can also find at a cheap price.

Combining the 400-lumen capacity, this heavy-duty stun gun is the best choice available and with the best price for anyone to afford. Coming to the quality of the material design, nothing much is to dispute since the gun comes with type III of aircraft grade quality aluminum alloy and therefore, you should check on the same if you should acquire the best stun gun with the same feature. Of course, with the same quality and strength, the durability of the product is nothing to question. In addition to that, the gun is suitable for the military, police, security professionals, and the civilians.

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6. LetsFunny Rechargeable Security Sting Ring Stun Gun

  • By: LetsFunny

One thing about this rechargeable stun gun is that the reviews that you can find from the different consumers who have ever had the taste of it are just inspiring. That tells us more of the product is effective and suitable for the task. If you are familiar with the different stun guns available on the market, you can bear me witness that this particular option comes with the unique ring shape that enables you to have a better grasp of it while in operation.

The other things or features that perhaps could move you into this product and we would not want to leave them out include the integration of the powerful LED flashlights. The flashlight feature is suitable for the dark and for defense in the fact that, you can use it to blind your attacker when the need arises. Another thing that you need to know is that the gun is the best defense weapon that every woman should have. In this case, unlike other stun guns, this type can make too much noise that could scare away or confuse the attacker. Therefore, to stay safe as a woman especially if you like traveling at night, then you can have this best stun gun.

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5. Guard Dog Security LED Flashlight Stun Gun

  • By: Guard Dog Security
  • Item Weight: 0.3 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 3 x 2.5 x 0.8 inches

Here is the world’s smallest best stun gun that you should have for your security purposes. Of course, with the increased crime rates, you need the best stun gun to stay safe during an attack since without it, you might land into the hot soup that you never imagined. Of course, among the best stun guns that you have interacted with, perhaps this type could be the suitable option that you can have if you should get the smallest type.

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The gun is small enough to conceal in your hand means greater security since the attacker should not even be aware that you have something that you can attack back. This idea will for sure scatter your enemies when they think you are not prepared but later to realize that you are armed to defend yourself. The best of the features we should highlight about this product should include the powerful LED flashlight feature and sound that will confuse your attacker. In addition to that, you will always have a peace of mind when traveling at night.

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4. Police 305 Extreme Voltage Stun Gun

  • By: Police

This best stun gun comes with the best features that you should notice so that you can easily make the choice that will yield the best for your needs. The name suggests that the gun is suitable for the police, but you can also have it for your protection and security needs as a civilian. Apart from the features that are obvious of a stun gun, this type comes with additional ones that work to melt the attacker when you are in that situation. Among the features that we can mention on that part, including the integration of powerful flashlight and the rechargeable safety cap.

The other features that you should consider well so that you cannot rush on it include the extreme power given by the extreme voltage and therefore, this product will surely paralyze the enemy. In addition to that, you will also have features to enjoy such as the rechargeable battery, the carrying case, the wrist strap, and the safety on/off switch among other features. With the same in mind, you should stay safe with this product knowing that when you have it, you will always stay safe and protected.

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3. VIPERTEK VTS-T03 Heavy-Duty Stun Gun


This heavy-duty stun gun is the best option that you can have for your safety and protection while at night. One thing you need to note is that you cannot have a peace of mind traveling at night when you are not safe with the best protection mechanisms. However, the good news is that with this awesome stun gun available on the market, you will always get your peace of mind whenever you are in the dark.

When it comes to mentioning the features that come with the product, this type comes with a rechargeable feature that makes it the best for its function. The benefit that you get from the fact that you can recharge the product is that you can always stay sure of the convenience that it gives to you. Of the features that we should mention, this excellent type comes with the best quality features that include the type III of aircraft grade, an aluminum alloy that can last for years.

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2. VIPERTEK VTS-880 Rechargeable Stun Gun


If I may say, this stun gun is a super powerful type that you need to enjoy and to stay with the right peace of mind when in the dark. Whether you are looking for the best stun gun for your home, for military purposes, or for outdoor activities, then you can rest assured of the quality that you can reap from this incredible option. The gun comes with huge power to destabilize the enemy when you are met with the same situation. Therefore, you can have it for protection from animal and human dangers that you can face at night.

What you should come to conclusions about this product is that it serves the purpose with the greatest effectiveness and therefore, you can always rely on it for your safety. The features that enable the product to achieve its function should include the rechargeable ability of the battery for convenience, compact size, and the non-slip rubber coating among other features. Therefore, you should get yourself this best stun gun that comes with great efficiency.

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1. VIPERTEK VTS-989 Heavy-Duty Stun Gun


This stun gun seems to be one of the excellent options that you can go for. The reason why I can say that is that the product is the top-drawer on the market and you can see that from the demand and the reviews from the different consumers who have had a taste of it. Of course, you would not want to disappoint yourself by going for the substandard product when we have the best of this kind.

This powerful stun gun comes with features that will keep you wondering. Of course, you might think that you should wonder for the bad but for your information, the features are just stunning and hence giving the product the value that it deserves. The product comes with rechargeable battery, snatch prevention feature, and the ultra-sharp spike electrodes among other features.

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In summary, this list is just what you should always whenever you want to have the best stun gun that could deliver to your expectation. Therefore, I can recommend the same guide to anyone in search for the same.

Best stun gun buying advice

As we did mention, you should have the best stun gun for your protection and self-defense purpose. However, you cannot achieve that without the information on the market that could shed some light on the features that accompany the product. Therefore, you should check on the same so that you can rest assured of the quality that you will get from that choice that you are going to make. In that connection, you should consider the following factors:

LED flashlight

Of course, you should note that it is not a guarantee to have a stun gun with a LED flashlight. However, as an additional feature that could boost your security, it becomes an imperative consideration. Therefore, you will need to ask yourself the question: is this just a stun gun or does it come with other features such as the availability of the LED lights? By answering the same, you would be in a position to make the right choice.

Sound features 

Just like the flashlight, I would quote the same words. You will have to note that it is not a guarantee for the stun gun to come with sound features. The sound features come as a secondary security that you can have for confusing the enemy or attacker while calling for help. Therefore, you will need to ask yourself the question: do the stun gun come with a sound alarm that could confuse the attacker? If you can answer that, then you will know which type of stun gun is suitable for your needs.


Convenience here means a lot when it comes to choosing the best stun gun. One the one side that is of crucial importance to consider, you should ask the question: is the stun gun convenient to for travel? If that is the case and matches with your needs, then you can proceed to the other features that could be of the same interest. Of course, we can summarize by using the term portability instead.


Durability is another thing that becomes an important consideration when you are about to make your choice. Of course, you need to get the best product that will guarantee the same and therefore, you should check on the construction materials and the quality of the same. Without the same feature, you might land into trouble of getting a product that will only be effective for a short time, and that should call for replacement when its capacity to deliver is over. Therefore, this factor is something that you cannot take it for granted.

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