Top 10 Best Snowboard Helmets in 2018 Reviews

If you need to acquire the best snowboard helmet that comes with quality, then here is the place to make your choice. With all the variety of the best products from the different brands, you will surely not miss getting the right choice that is suitable for your purpose. The snowboard helmets that we have on the list are suitable for various activities that include skiing, cycling, and skating among other activities. Therefore, to choose your type, this guide avails the top 10 best snowboard helmets in 2018 reviews- buyers guide to help you arrive at your best product.

Having looked at the things that you have to consider when checking out for the best product on the market, you are now informed to make the right choice. Therefore, once you are equipped for the task, we would not leave you without direction and here, you have the top best products from the different brands that you can browse to find the best product of your choice. One thing for sure is that your choice awaits you here thus; you should not hesitate to pick that which inspires you.

10. Lucky Burns Powder Series Snowboard Helmet

  • By: Lucky Bums

Enjoy the durable and high-quality snowboard that come in style. This helmet as you can see is safe and suitable for the snow seasons, and thus you can acquire it in preparation for the same. The product is certified to meet the right standards of use. Therefore, you need not worry yourself when it comes to that. With lots of features that includes the adjustable helmet vents, you can enjoy the temperature control that suits your needs.

The lightweight design is another one of the features that make this product the best choice for your needs. One thing that you gain from the same is the ease of managing the weight that comes with it. The helmet is this perfect for any other function and mainly the snow sports. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the same features that accompany this product and others that we have not mentioned, then you should acquire this great product.

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9. Giro Launch 2016 Snowboard Helmet

  • By: Giro

This colorful helmet is the best choice for everyone who loves snow sports. Apart from that, you can use the same for the winter season and your information, you will find it with the best price that makes it achievable. Of course, you have a variety of color choices to make regarding the same product. Therefore, you can enjoy everything that comes with it without having to spend a lot on it. Of course, you will also find the same product coming with excellent compatibility with the Giro Goggles.

The other features to note before you can acquire this helmet should include the in-mold construction, the in-form fit system, super cool vents, and the vertical tuning among other features. Therefore, this product is the best choice for your needs if you are searching for one of the best snowboard helmets. With this product, you can seamlessly enjoy your winter snow sports without complaining. Therefore, you should acquire this product that comes with great quality.

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8. Smith Options Gage Adult Snowboard Helmet

  • By: Smith Optics

This helmet is all you need to enjoy the winter sports if you are a fan of it. One thing that you get when you acquire this product is the value that comes with the best and affordable price. With this product, I assure you that you will never complain, but instead, you will sit to enjoy the great quality that comes with it. The features that come with the product are just incredible, and you have them to enjoy with this awesome helmet.

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The features to highlight should include the superior ventilation and technology that make the product suitable for human use and for smooth and fresh airflow, safety, and the bombshell construction among other iconic features that we can continue to name. Therefore, to achieve the best with the same helmet, you should make your choice right. One other feature we should mention is the removable goggle lock feature that makes the product suitable for the purpose.

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7. Giro Launch Kids Snowboard Helmet

  • By: Giro

This brand is still the best as we found in one of the products that w described previously. Therefore, you have great to expect from this type. The product comes with the best features that enhance the functionality of this great type. Some of those features include the helmet fit system with vertical tuning, and super cool helmet cooling among other features. Therefore, this product is the right choice for your needs. I can assure you that you will gain high with this product when you make it your best option.

The features to expect with this product include Amber rose lens, suitability for all conditions, anti-fog coating, double-layer face foam, and the micro fleece facing among other features. Therefore, this helmet is the right choice. Also, we need to mention the fact that the product is lightweight and thus effective for sports and other winter activities. Finally, you will find the same with the right price that will favor your pocket. The good thing about this product is the affordable price that comes with it, and that means you can achieve your sporting needs with the least price possible coming with this excellent product.

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6. Anon Blitz Snowboard Helmet

  • By: Anon

The product is the best choice for anyone who needs to acquire one of the best snowboard helmets for the season. Therefore, if you need to have the best, then you should acquire the same. One thing that seems evident about the same helmet is the standard fit system that makes the product to fit most of the people. Therefore, you should not worry about the size of your head since this product is the best option for your needs.

The removable goggle clip is another feature that is useful in attaching the helmet for a proper fix. With the same feature, you can enjoy the helmet rightly fixed to ensure that it stays attached and safe during use. The other features that inspire the functionality of this best helmet are the audio accessory that comes with it. The accessory is helpful when it comes to fun and when you want to enjoy audio music when riding. Having checked on the features that come with this product, I can assure you that you have everything to enjoy with this fantastic product.

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5. Kuyou ABS Shell Snowboard Helmet

  • By: Kuyou

Here is the best snowboard helmet with awesome and quality features. If you want to have the best helmet of the same, then you can consider this excellent option. The product comes with a roller protective gear making it the best option for your needs. Of course, you will find it suitable for the kids, the youth, and even adults. Therefore, for you to enjoy skating and any other sports activity during the snow season or out of it, you should acquire a type that comes with the same features and thus call for this particular choice.

The adjustable strap that comes with this product ensures that it fits the needs of different ages of users. You will find this product suitable for skating, skiing, skateboarding, and roller among other things. Therefore, if you want to achieve the same, this helmet is an inevitable option. The other evident feature we should mention without fail is the lightweight feature that gives this product the simplicity of purpose.

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4. Lucky Burns Multi-Sport Helmet

  • By: Lucky Bums

Enjoy an all-around protection for your sporting needs that include skating, skiing, and cycling among other activities with the best helmet that comes right when you most need it. Perhaps you have not found the best option that you can settle and enjoy, but I can assure you that with this type, everything will go well with you. Therefore, you should ensure that you enjoy the value that comes with this helmet and with that; you get it at the right price that will not pinch.

This helmet comes with numerous features to make you enjoy everything that you find doing with it. Among the features is the lightweight design that makes the product effortless to carry along while playing. The other feature is the durability enhanced by the quality materials found with this product. Therefore, you should make your mind up to enjoy the same feature, and I can assure you that you will like it. Of course, just as we can mention with other products, this option comes with the best price that is easy to manage thus calling for no need of you not to have the same product.

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3. Smith Optics Unisex Adult Snowboard Helmet

  • By: Smith Optics

This attractive helmet is a suitable option for your sporting, and you need it for safety among other things that you will achieve with it. The product features plastic design making it light for easy management and play. The other feature that comes with this helmet is the buckle closure that helps in fitting the product and ensuring that it works well for the needs that it promises to achieve. Therefore, if you want to acquire the best snowboard helmet, then you cannot just ignore this type since it of one of such types you need.

The innovative design and the all-weather feature ensures that this product achieves the purpose that it promises. Therefore, you should not settle for any other option if the features are not satisfactory. Some features that we have not mention and we have not included the incorporation of the dual regulator ventilation and the convertible pad for warmth. With the said features, this remains to be the best product for your choice, and you can find it with a friendly price.

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2. Traverse Vigilis Convertible Snowboard Helmet

  • By: Traverse

With this snowboard helmet, you have everything to enjoy. Whether you are looking for the best snowboard helmet for skiing or skating, this type is the right option. The ultimate lightweight feature that comes with this product is just the best since you can easily manage the weight that becomes easy to bear. In addition to that, the design ensures that the product gets the right ventilation or the free airflow needed for safe operation.

With personalized fitting design, this choice is the best, and you need to acquire the same so that you can enjoy the same quality for your sporting. The other features to enjoy with this type include the fleece snowcap, earmuffs, and the foam padding among other features. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the best quality snowboard helmet, then you should acquire this inevitable type that will always guarantee you safety and protection.

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1. Traverse Dirus Convertible Snowboard Helmet

  • By: Traverse

This helmet is the right choice that you need for your sporting safety and protection. To have the best of it, you should make up your mind regarding the same. With awesome features that come with the product, this helmet will never disappoint. Therefore, you need to make the right decision of acquiring the same. If you have not purposed for it, then you can still make up your mind since this product is what you need to enjoy the sporting season.

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The incorporation of the removable plush earmuffs, goggle clip, replaceable foam, and customizable dial, this product becomes the best to fit with every need that you can adapt. Of course, you can use it for any sporting that may require the same for safety and protection purposes. The other features that accompany this product include the shock-absorbent interior, ten vents, and the ABS shell exterior among other features.

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In conclusion, if you needed to have the best protection for your sporting, then you should have chosen to acquire one of the products that we have on the list. If not, then you can still make up your mind and get one with the best market price that will be affordable and economical for that matter. Once you have identified the right product for your needs, you can then order the same from Amazon through the available link that lies alongside each product.

Snowboard helmet buying advice

To get the best snowboard helmet, this guide will be of great help to you. One thing that you need to do is to check for the type that comes with every feature you need to enjoy. Secondly, after finding out the features with the product, you can then proceed to the other details that could be of the same significance such as the suitability and other factors that include:

  • Ventilation
  • Lightweight features
  • Durability
  • Compatibility


Ventilation is a great factor that you should not ignore or assume when selecting the best product from the list. Here, you should check for the incorporation of things like the vents, and if the product lacks ventilation mechanisms, you might need to find the one that comes with the same since ventilation is imperative for safe and healthy operation. Therefore, if you are to enjoy the value that comes with your choice helmet, then it should come with this awesome and important feature.

Lightweight features

Why do you need to check for the weight that comes with the helmet? Indeed, for any other sporting thing, you should have the capacity to manage the weight with ease. Therefore, for this helmet, you need to consider the lightweight feature and to make sure that the product that you choose comes with the lightest weight possible that becomes an easy thing for sporting or otherwise, you may not come to enjoy your activities without the same feature.


Durability is yet another consideration to make regarding the product that you choose. Therefore, before you can acquire or order for any product, it is imperative that you consider the material and the quality of the design so that you can enjoy the value that lasts. Of course, no need is there for you to have a helmet that will call for another in just the next few days of use. In this situation, you should be extra vigilant to make the right choice of a helmet that lasts for long.


Compatibility is another feature of a factor that you need to consider when searching for the best snowboard helmet. One thing that I can assure you when you get the product that fit the same need is that you will always enjoy. Compatibility comes in the fact that you should find the product that is compatible with features such as the audio clip. In this case, getting the same will ensure that you enjoy the music of your choice when sporting with the same product. Also, you should check for compatibility with the goggles among other things that we could mention. Therefore, compatibility is something that you need not ignore since it plays an important role when it comes to sporting.