Top 10 Best Snowboard Goggles in 2018 Reviews

Enjoy your sporting with the best snowboard goggle that gives you the ultimate comfort and protection that you want to achieve. Here, we have gathered this information to help you negotiate your search for the same and to acquire the best product that works. One thing to know is that the list comprises of the two parts to give you everything that you need to know before landing you on the part that deals with the top 10 best snowboard goggles in 2018 reviews. Therefore, you need to utilize this guide for your benefit.

With this part, you can easily pick the right product that suits your needs after knowing exactly what you need to consider. Therefore, with the top best products, it becomes easy for you to check on the features that come with each and to make the right choice based on the same.

10. Outdoor Master Ski Snowboard Goggle

  • By: OutdoorMaster
  • Item Weight: 0.8 ounces
  • Lens Type: Polycarbonate

Here is the best snowboard goggle that is suitable for both men, women, and the youth. One of the good sides of this product is the versatile design that makes it suit the needs of different people and the capacity for it to be worn over the glasses. Therefore, if you want to acquire the best, then you have to consider this particular choice, and perhaps it can make your best. The excellent quality that comes with this product is what adds to its value and thus making it an inevitable choice for everyone who needs to acquire the best snowboard goggle.

Some other features that we can mention for your help in making the right choice are the excellent clarity that comes with it. Apart from the excellent optical clarity, the product is 100% UV resistant due to the incorporation of the dual layer lens. Of course, you will find this product in any color that you want to suit your desires since they are all available for your choice.

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9. Gonex Oversized Professional Snowboard Goggle

  • By: Gonex
  • Item Weight: 12.8 ounces
  • Lens Type: Spherical

As the name could sound, this product comes with an oversized design as you can see from the image. The product also comes with the frameless design to offer the ultra-wide field of view. Therefore, you need to acquire this product if you think you should have one of the best snowboard goggles. I can always assure you of the quality that you get by choosing this product. One evident feature that we should highlight is the UV protection that ensures that you are always protected from the damaging rays of the sun.

With other features that include the excellent optical clarity, vented dual lens, flexible urethane frame construction, and the three layers of memory foam ensures that you enjoy all the comfort and protection while using this great product. Therefore, you should make a point to acquire one of the best like this type for you to have all the best to enjoy.

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8. Aphse Outdoor Glass Snowboard Google

  • By: Aphse
  • Item Weight: 0.15 pounds
  • Lens Type: N/A

This snowboard goggle comes with a perfect design that makes it one of the best options to go for when you need the best. As you can see, the product is just awesome and can deliver to your expectations. Therefore, you need to enjoy the absolute safety that comes with this product for your sporting or any other activity that you may want to. With the sponge frame, this product is comfortable to wear, and you will always enjoy.

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Some other of the features that we need to highlight or to mention include the usefulness that goes beyond that of the normal glasses, the adjustable strap to ensure that you get the best fit, and the dust-proof feature to ensure total clarity during use. Therefore, all the features that we have for this product are what you should invest in if you want to have the best. Of course, the price of the goggle is something that you will easily manage, as it is affordable.

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7. Zionor Lagopus Snowboard Goggle

  • By: ZIONOR
  • Item Weight: 6.2 ounces
  • Lens Type: Spherical

Here comes another of the best snowboard goggles that you can have to enjoy for your sporting and other needs. As you can see, this product is one of the best, and you should acquire it with an economy price that comes with it. The performance is just awesome and thus calling for your attention if you should find the product that will work for you. Of course, you will find so many features that work to ensure the effectiveness and the usefulness of this great goggle.

The high-performance anti-fog feature incorporated with the double lens, the magnetic swapping lens technology, smooth venting and the spherical ultra-wide view, and the thickened foam padding ensures that the product work to achieve the purpose that it promises. Therefore, for you to have the best, you should consider this spectacular choice that will always work without giving you problems. In addition to that, with the mentioned features, the product is safe and comfortable to wear this calling for your consideration.

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6. Oumers TMS Vintage Snowboard Goggle

  • By: Oumers
  • Item Weight: 0.3 ounces
  • Lens Type: N/A

This excellent snowboard goggle comes with the best features making it a high-class product that you can have and at the right price. The product comes with excellent quality frame finish and the suitability for different functions that include sporting among others. Therefore, you should check on the same so that you can get a high-quality product that will always work to help you achieve your targets. The price as we did mention is manageable thus you have no reason at all to hesitate.

With the nice quality features that come with this product, you will always find it helpful when it comes to safety and protection and is something that you cannot avoid. Some of the other features to mention about this product include the split design, lightweight design, UV protection, and the suitability for half or the open face helmets. Therefore, if you want to have a product that will give you the best, then you should consider this option that will surely do the same for you.

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5. JULI Eyewear Snowboard Goggle

  • By: JULI Eyewear
  • Item Weight: 5.6 ounces 
  • Lens Type: Spherical

The JULI eyewear is one of the best snowboard goggles that come under this category with the best features that you have to consider. Perhaps this product is what you have been searching for long, and I can assure you that it will surely work for your sporting. With the UV protection included just like the other types that we have here, you have yourself protected from the harmful or rather the damaging rays of the sun. One other thing is about the suitability, and you will find the product fit for both men, women, and the youth.

The detachable lens system, frameless design, professional ventilation, compatibility, and the detachable strap are all the beautiful features to expect with this awesome goggle. I can assure you to the best of my knowledge that you will never regret this choice that suits every need that you can adapt. The product also comes with high quality and value that makes it the best option on the market and thus calling for your attention to consider the same if you want to have the best snowboard goggle.

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4. Zionor Lagopus Snowmobile Goggle

  • By: Zionor
  • Item Weight: 1.6 ounces
  • Lens Type: Spherical
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This snowmobile goggle comes with the best features that you have to check out if you are to acquire the best. One thing that I know about the same is that it suits the needs of both men, women, and the youth and therefore, if you fit any of the categories, then you can choose to acquire the same. Of course, the fact that we have mentioned is not the only thing that should drive you to have the product since we have other features that enhance the functionality of the same. Therefore, you need to align your choice right to acquire a product that will not come to disappoint you later during its use.

The product comes with a detachable lens as one of the features to note about it and is thus the best for your sporting. In addition to the features that we can mention, the top-notch quality is another feature that comes with the product. Other features include the anti-fogging dual layer for full eyes protection, perfect and comfortable fit, and the smooth airflow among other features. Therefore, if you want the best snowboard goggle, then you need to consider this particular option that comes with stylish features and excellent quality.

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3. Outdoor Master Frameless Snowboard Goggle

  • By: OutdoorMaster
  • Item Weight: 2.7 ounces
  • Lens Type: N/A

Perhaps one thing that you note with the features when we mention the name is the frameless design. Indeed, this feature is what makes the product to be compatible with most helmets and thus you can easily fit to suit any of the helmets that you have for the same purpose. The goggle fits the needs of men and women and comes with the right protection to ensure that you achieve the best with it. Therefore, when you have this awesome goggle, you have everything that you need for your sporting.

Some other features that come with the goggle include the detachable magnetic lens, the anti-fog dual side technology, and the variety of colors for choice. Therefore, to acquire the best goggle that will work together with your helmet to give you the full and guaranteed protection, then you should check for this product and perhaps the one that you will always admire is this suitable option. With the affordable price, you will find it easy to acquire.

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2. Traverse Varia Snowboard Goggle

  • By: Traverse
  • Item Weight: 5.6 ounces
  • Lens Type: Spherical

This brand gives us the best snowboard that will make us achieve our sporting needs. With the right helmet incorporated with this product, you will enjoy the best rare quality protection from all forms including the damage from the UV rays of the sun. Therefore, if you want to achieve the same, or rather if you love sporting activities such as skating, skiing, or cycling among others, then you should consider this option that comes with quality and value.

The features to mention should be ergonomic, and the flexible frame that comes from high-quality materials, the incorporation of the citrine mirror lens for shadow contrast, 100% UV protection, and the anti-fog dual lens among other features all work to heighten the protection and the quality that come with the goggle. Another feature to note is the incorporation of the ternary triple face foam that conforms comfortably to your face.

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1. Bolle Mojo Snowboard Goggle

  • By: Bolle
  • Item Weight: 1 pounds
  • Lens Type: N/A

Being a number one product on the list, this goggle got so much to offer, and you should check out if it suits your needs. One thing for sure is the economical price that makes it easy to acquire and the suitability for the two genders. Therefore, if perhaps you did not locate the suitable option among the ones that we have on top of the list, then this option becomes inevitable. Of course, you need to enjoy every days’ sporting with this awesome goggle that comes with highest quality and protection to make sure that you stay safe and comfortable.

With the best features that include the flow vent technology, anti-fog protection, and the double thermal barrier that come with this product, you have no option if you want quality but only to choose to acquire this excellent type. I am sure that you will always enjoy the great quality protection when sporting and that guarantees safety that you need to have for the same activities.

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In conclusion, to enjoy the best quality goggle, of course, you need not go away from this list since all that we have fits the best category and you can compare the same to find out the one that is most favorable for you. You will need to understand that the prices vary and thus you can pick one choice that suits your budget.

Snowboard goggle buying device

When buying the snowboard goggle, you need to note that the same is not always an easy task to identify the best especially when you are blind about the features that come with the product and the different types available on the market. However, with this information and insights, you can easily make the fruitful choice of the best snowboard goggle that will work to make you achieve your sporting dreams and to actualize it.  In that connection, some of the factors that you need to check or consider so that you can find the same product include the following:

  • Optical clarity
  • Protection capacity
  • Design and quality
  • Compatibility
  • Suitability

Optical clarity

Optical clarity is a feature that should come first when you are checking on the product to ensure that it gives you the clear vision. Of course, you will not want a goggle that gives you blurred images and therefore, you should always be keen to pick the right product that suits the needs and purpose of your product. For the products that you find on the list, at least we have done our best to give you the best that comes with the same feature and thus is your turn to make a choice.

Protection capacity

Protection is an important thing and perhaps is the reason why you should acquire the goggles. Here, you need to have the best protection and safety, and for that to happen, it requires that you pick the right product that comes with the same protection features. Here, some of the things to check should include the UV protection features, the anti-fog protection, and the overall protection of your eyes. Therefore, you need not make assumptions when selecting the best goggle on the market.

Design and quality

When it comes to the design of the product, so many things lie for consideration including the airflow features and other things that pertain the design of the product. Therefore, you should check even on the material construction to ensure that the product comes with the best quality materials that guarantee durability. Of course, this factor is what should always inform your search for the best snowboard goggle and any other product that you want on the market.


Compatibility is the capacity of the product to fit the needs of the user and to fit with another outfit such as the helmet. Therefore, you need to consider this fact so that you can find the best goggle that fits all your needs. Of course, often, this product is worn with helmets and thus need to have compatibility with the same.


Another thing that you can check out is the suitability of the product. Here, we are talking about the capacity to allow for use by both genders or in other words men and women. With this factor, you should find the type that suits your needs regarding the same. Fortunately, most of the products that we have are suitable for both genders and thus making it easier for you to pick the right choice.