Top 10 Best Pepper Sprays in 2018 Reviews

Just like the stun guns, pepper sprays also serve a similar purpose but in a different way. Whether you are searching for the best pepper spray for police operations or self-defense, you need to relax and know that you have arrived at a page that will ensure that you go with the best quality available on the market. If you should do that right, this guide is divided into two parts. The first part of more of a guide and the second part comes with the top 10 best pepper spray in 2018 reviews.

It is now high time that you compose yourself to have the best pepper spray among the ones that we are going to describe on this list. Of course, you may find all coming with the best features. However, you will find some variations based on the factors that we discussed above, and that should give you the base for choosing the right choice.

10. SABRE 25 Bursts Red Pepper Spray


When you buy this product, one thing that you are doing is that you are supporting the charity towards the National Breast Cancer Center and therefore, if you should do that while getting the best pepper spray for your protection purposes, then it should be well and good. The other thing is that before you can acquire the same product, you should get to know of its value, and the features that we will mention reveals that to you. Therefore, you need not worry but to stay tuned so that you can tap the same for your decision.

The pepper spray that we are talking about is something that you can have for protection and self-defense just like any other thing that you can use for the same. With the maximum stopping power, you should rest assured of the value that you need to attach to the same for your defense. You will also have to know the fact that the product performs well on the market since most of the consumers and the police trust of its power. In addition to that, if you have never used the same, you should not worry since you will get free training video link on how to go about the same.

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9. SABRE Red Kuros Pepper Spray


This pepper spray enhances the strength of the police in some situations that can arise. Therefore, whether you are the police or just an individual looking for the best pepper spray on the market, then you should relax and check on the power and reliability that come with this type. You will find that the spray is easy to use and to understand how it functions. With the key string, you can easily release the pepper spray without any hassle.

Of course, you will find that this brand is similar to the one that we just concluded and therefore, buying it is one way of assisting the women in need as we did mention in the first product that we did. Therefore, you need not be mean on that. However, we should not go much to charity to forget to give you the quality product that will serve your needs as per your expectation. Some features that you will notice with this pepper spray include the capacity to protect you from a safe distance and other benefits that you will gain from it.

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8. SABRE Red Tactical Pepper Spray


It is evident that getting the best pepper spray of this type is not an easy task. However, this type comes to simplify your search and to give you a reliable tactical product that could serve as a protection tool for the police and the civilians as well. With the maximum and best-stopping power, you can rely on this product for your defense and for security and the assurance that I should give you is that you will never go wrong with it.

On the positive features that we should highlight, the pepper spray comes with a locking top, the capacity to offer you protection from a long distance, and the safety that comes with it. When we mention of the safety, we mean the accidental discharge that otherwise could lead to you getting the damage other than your enemy. Therefore, you need this spray pepper to stay safe at long distances and against anyone who might dare to attack you.

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7. Mace Brand Pepper Spray

  • By: Mace

Here is the best pepper spray available on the market at the best market price that will not necessarily strain your budget. If you are planned to get the best type of this brand for your self-defense mechanisms and other functions, then you should settle on this option since it is the only type that comes best from this brand. Therefore, you should never hesitate, and the assurance that you get is just the obvious quality and effectiveness.

The product comes with the effectiveness that works up to 5-feet of range and therefore, if that is what you should get, then you need to land your choice here. The other imperative thing that we have to mention as part of helping you in understanding the product more and how it functions, the pepper spray come with a capacity of up to 6 burst sprays. In addition to that, the design comes compact for easy hand-carriage. In that connection, you are now in the light to make an appropriate choice regarding this product.

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6. SABRE Personal Safety Kit Pepper Spray


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Enjoy the powerful protection at your fingertips with this amazing pepper spray that comes at the right time when you most need the same. If you should get a personal safety kit of pepper spray, then with this awesome choice, you have the best type that will give you amazing results. The pepper kit serves multiple purposes that should include safeguarding you against the multiple threats of any kind. Therefore, if you need to stay safe always, then you need to make this pepper spray your friendly choice.

The best thing that you should notice about this pepper spray is the fact that you will find it easy to use. Therefore, you should not at all struggle with it. When we mention of the ease of using the product, another thing that pops up is the fact that you will find it easy to attach to your keys and that means you will always stay alert with it in readiness for anything. Another thing is that the product comes with a dual siren alarm that can amplify your call for help.


5. SABRE RED Finger Grip Pepper Spray


With the name and the image that you can see with this product, you can just make some few deductions from the same. One fact is that you will find it easy to use among other benefits that you can fetch from the same. The other benefit that comes with the product is that of enhanced safety that makes the product safe for the user. That means the attack is that the product only works against for the enemy and not against yourself.

The other of the things that you need to note is that the product comes with the best features that make it easy for you to access the same. The key ring attachment feature makes it possible for you to attach the same to your keys. In addition to that, the finger grip feature makes it easy to handle. One other thing that you should deduct from the same is that with the effectiveness and quality of the pepper spray, you will find that it has the trust of the police and consumers who have interest in the same. That means you should also get one of this type if you are looking for the best pepper spray for your protection.

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4.  SABRE Red Lipstick Pepper Spray

  • By: Sabre

Get yourself the best stopping power of the best pepper spray available on the market. With the best price, you can have the best protection that comes with the best features and coverage. Therefore, if you are looking for the best pepper spray that could deliver to your expectation whether as a police officer or just a concerned civilian, then you can have this perfect lipstick type. The assurance is that you will never regret the power and effectiveness of the product.

Mentioning of the powerful features, the pepper spray comes with safety features that make it safe to carry and to use. Of course, the product should not be safe on the other side but on your side, you will never experience accidental discharge, and that guarantee holds. When it comes to the coverage, the product capacity goes for up to 10-foot. Therefore, you should stay armed with the same for your protection and defense purposes.

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3. Unbrand 2-Pack Police Magnum Pepper Spray

  • By: unbrand

The first thing to notice when you come across this product is the pink color and the key chain feature. The keychain serves to let you keep the pepper spray with your keys hence keeping you alert for emergency purposes. With the best protection power, the pepper spray is the best, and you will need to get one of the same types if you want to have one for your defense and protection. In that connection, whether for police operation or just for self-defense, then you will need this exceptional choice to reap the best from it.

The other features about the same product are that it comes in a pack of two and at the best market price. Therefore, if you need to enjoy the maximum protection against all the odds, you should get one of the pepper sprays of this type. Of course, the product comes with other features that we should just mention and include the ultraviolet dye that serves the purpose of identifying the target, and the safety top useful for reducing the accidental discharge.

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2. SABRE Red Pepper Police Strength Gel

  • By: Sabre

This police strength gel as it sounds is one among the same brand that seems dominant in this guide. Of course, you will need to differentiate it with the other types and to help you achieve that easily, the image that you see will tell some differences that exist between the products. In that connection, you should always get to understand the inside out of the pepper spray so that you will not land into confusion while making your decision.

For you to navigate with your decision easier, you should get a grasp of the features and the benefits that you get with this product over the others of the similar type available on the market. Of course, we can mention some as reflected in the features that include the enhanced safety, the maximum stopping power, and trust of its effectiveness from the police and other individual users, and the ease of accessibility.

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1. SABRE Finger Grip Pink Red Pepper Spay

  • By: Sabre

Here, you should stay alert to differentiate the different products that we have from the same brand. As you have found on the list, this brand becomes the dominating one, and therefore, this particular option comes top among all the other. The reason behind this product topping on the list and getting all the positive reviews and high demand from the market is nothing else but the effectiveness that comes with it.

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Apart from the effectiveness that we have mentioned, the product also comes with other features that make it suitable for the task. The first apparent feature is the pink color and the other that you can see include the key case, the finger grip, and the quick release key. With the effectiveness and the same features combined, then you have no option if you want the best. In addition to that, the product effectiveness also comes in 25 bursts and thus making it suitable for its work.

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To summarize on the same, if you should get the best pepper spray that comes with the best market, price, then concerning this excellent guide, you have a variety of the top best choices to make.

Pepper spray buying advice

Right back in my mind, I am sure that whether you are a first timer or a returning customer, you still need to capture on the insights regarding the best pepper sprays available on the market. As I did mention above, this part is more informational, and therefore, we then bring you with some of the main considerations that you should make before buying any of the products that you will find below. With that regard, the factors that you need to consider include:

  • Power
  • Training
  • Safety
  • Ease of use
  • Coverage


When we mention of the power, you should count on the strength that comes with the pepper spray. Of course, you will want to get the best that could give you the effectiveness that is enough to scatter your enemies. Therefore, you should check on the power that comes with the product to make sure that it is the right choice for your needs.


On the training part, it is not always an easy task especially if you are a beginner to use the product. Some might need you to grasp some tips on how to use the same effectively for better results. Therefore, you will find some of the products on the list coming with the free training link that will lead you to the videos on where you can learn to use the pepper spray of your choice effectively.


The safety of the pepper spray is of significant consideration when it comes to choosing the type that will not disappoint you. With that regard, you will need to consider having a product that comes with the top lock feature to prevent the accidental discharge that otherwise could turn against you. Of course, you will not at all want to get yourself in the same problems since you are not the target but rather, the target is your attacker or any other apart from yourself.

Ease of use

The other thing that you should ask yourself is the ease with which you will find to use the product. Sometimes it might not be easy as you may think. Therefore, to be effective in using the product, you will find a great variety on the market that come with the ease of use feature and should be your main choices when selecting the best among the many that you can find.


The coverage is the area of which the pepper spray can cover when it bursts. You should always remember the fact that the various types available here come with different coverage areas. Therefore, you should find the right choice that fits your needs. In addition to that, you should also check on the number of bursts of each pepper spray since it can also affect the same.

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