Top 10 Best Headbands for Women in 2018 Review

Demand for headbands has been rising in the last few years. In this review, I will sift through more than a dozen headbands and then come up with a list of the top 10 best headbands for women in 2018 reviews. Of course, stylish women are now embarking on the use of headbands as the latest trend in fashion.

I won’t just give a list of the best headbands in the market’ I will also give you some of the factors you need to consider before buying any of them. First things first, let’s take a look at the prebuying factors first:

  • The material: The material will determine how durable, comfortable and soft the headband is.
  • The size: Go for the size which best works for you to avoid being disappointed.
  • The price: The price has to be affordable, convenient and reasonable.
  • Color options: You need to pick a package with various color and style options to avoid repeat usage.

10. Set of 10 Women’s Yoga Sport Athletic Headband for Running Sports Travel Fitness

  • By: DASUTA

This happens to be the first headband I picked for various reasons. It’s perfect for Yoga and athletic sports where the hair can become a hindrance at times. It makes use of the best and eco-friendly material which makes it safe and secure for use. It’s made using 87% Chinlon and 13% Lycra Spandex materials which make it quite durable and comfortable.

The breathable and stretchy design makes this headband ideal for sporting women. And yes, it boasts a stylish design which suits your mood and hairstyle at all times. One more thing, the single size fits all which makes it perfect for the whole family. The colorful and stylish design makes it ideal for fashionable women while the different color options ensure that you go for what you love.

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  • The headband is designed to deliver ultimate comfort.
  • They are versatile and can be used for various sporting activities.
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9. Women’s Headbands Headwraps Hair Bands Bows Accessories


Boasting a combination of lace and an elastic band, this is a really awesome headband for any woman who wants to look glamorous. The size of 25cm in length and 8 to 18cm in width makes it perfect for women with different head sizes. And yes, the fact that it fits easily on one’s head and feels extremely comfortable means that you won’t have to worry about feeling uncomfortable just to look glamorous.


  • They’re perfect for sports and daily fashion outfits.
  • The cotton material absorbs sweat and also looks stylish.
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8. 6PCS Outdoor Magic Headbands Headwear for Men and Women Sport Seamless Bandana Tube Scarf

  • By: Toes Home

For a long time, this headband has been used by men and women all over the world. The stretchable and breathable material makes it perfect for daily use while the quick moisture wicking makes it perfect for sporting activities since it dries fast.

It comes in six pieces with each piece having its own unique color to avoid repeated use. The color coding helps by allowing you to match each color with the outfit for a stylish and glamorous look. And yes, it boasts a natural length and width with the highly stretchable circumference for added comfort and snug fitting.


  • The headband can be used as a gaiter, spring scarf or a dust screen.
  • The stretchable design makes it ideal for all sizes.
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7. Yoga Headbands for Women – Wide Non Slip Design for Running Workout and Fitness by RiptGear

  • By: RiptGear

This headband by RiptGear is another incredible option available on the market. It boasts an incredible non-slip design and offers a width 4 inches. The stretchy design with a non-slip material makes it for fitness and sporting activities. The polyester material with a touch of spandex makes it really impressive and highly reliable.

The extremely soft design makes it really incredible while the snug fit design ensures that you stay focused to the workout session without having to worry about your hair. Perfect for all activities including running, jogging, hiking and all fitness activities, this is a must-have headband.


  • It features excellent colors which never fade.
  • The design and size make it highly comfortable.
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6. Oureamod Wide Headbands for Men and Women Athletic Moisture Wicking Headwear for Sports

  • By: Oureamod

Ideal for men and women, this headband is another great product available on the market. It comes in a packet of 5 pieces with each one of them boasting a distinct color and design to ensure that you don’t repeat any of them. The excellent size makes it perfect for different head sizes while its 100% polyester microfiber material guarantees added comfort while exercising.

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The thin and translucent fabric guarantees added comfort while the stretchy and breathable design guarantees the best fitness process. The seamless, lightweight and excellent moisture wicking are some of the great features about this unique headband. The multifunctional and versatile design makes it perfect for various activities.


  • Handwashing is highly recommended.
  • It can be used in a variety of ways.
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5. BLOM Original Women’s Headband for Yoga or Fashion, Workout or Travel

  • By: BLOM

BLOM is a market-leader in the manufacture of top-tier headbands. It boasts a unique patent design which makes it perfect for all women. The multi-style design makes it fashionable and stylish while the excellent knot and pleat detailing gives the right mood for each day. Given the versatile design makes it perfect for various styles and can be used in various forms.

The level of comfort and moisture wicking offered by this great headband makes it ideal for all activities since it eliminates sweat thus ensuring that you remain focused on the fitness activity you’re undertaking. Being a multi-season masterpiece, you can use it to cover your ears during the cold season and also use it to wick away sweat in the hot season.


  • It’s comfortable and doesn’t slip off.
  • It’s made using an authentic material.
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4. COSMOS Stretchy Yoga Sport Headband

  • By: COSMOS

Extra stretchy, comfortable and fashionable, Cosmos headband is another great product on the market. It features a 20% spandex and 60% cotton construction which makes it durable and highly comfortable. Imported, it comes in a package with 8 pieces of stretchy headbands all boasting a variety of color options. It measures a width of 2.5 inches which makes it perfect for an average woman. The soft, stretchy and comfortable construction makes it perfect and extremely valuable.


  • They’re perfect for teens and women.
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3. Women Headbands Turban Headwraps Hair Band Bows Accessories for Fashion

  • By: habibee

This women headband is another great option you could use. Given the versatile construction, it can be used as an ear headband, turban headwrap, and a stretchy headband. The excellent size of 24 cm makes it even better while the width of 8cm makes it ideal for women with different head sizes. The stretchy design makes it ideal for women and girls while the trendy and stylish look makes it perfect for those who want to look fashionable.


  • They’re perfect for fitness and daily outfit.
  • The excellent fabric absorbs sweat effectively.
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2. Hippih 4 Pack Women’s Headbands Elastic Turban Head Wrap Floal Style Twisted Knotted Hair Band

  • By: Hippih

Hippih 4 pack headband package is another incredible product on the menu. There’re several things about this set which makes it unlike any of its competitors on the market. First, it boasts a cotton and spandex construction which makes it soft, comfortable and stretchy. The comfortable construction offering a snug fit makes it ideal for everyone. Given its convenient size in length and width, you’ll really enjoy using it.

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Something else, this isn’t one of those bulky headbands which feel like you’re carrying several tones on your head. This is a lightweight headband designed to offer unmatched convenience and comfort. The natural cotton and spandex fabric make it even better while its excellent moisture wicking guarantees ultimate results and unmatched attractiveness.


  • It comes in four pieces for added convenience.
  • It’s very charming and stylish.
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1. Kimberly’s Knit Women 80s Neon Pink Running Headband Wristbands Leg Warmers Set

  • By: Kimberly’s Knit

Finally, the Kimberley’s Knit-women headband scoops the top position and wraps our list of the top 10 best headbands for women in 2018 reviews. It comes in a package with a single leg warmer, a single headband and two wristbands. Of course, being in a package spares you the hassle of having to purchase these other items separately which would be an added expense. The headband and wristbands aren’t in a similar color although they both look amazing. Something else, the headband boasts a stretchy and thick design which offers adequate moisture wicking and sweat absorption.


  • It’s machine washable and hang dry.
  • It features an 80’s appearance.
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Buyers’ Guide:

Whether for sports or daily use, headbands are slowly making their way back into the latest trends and fashion. When looking for headbands, you have to consider the size and the material used in the construction. Out of all the options listed above, I’d recommend the Kimberley’s Knit headband thanks to its unique design and excellent construction.