Top 10 Best Fleece Blankets in 2018 Reviews

Do you want to stay warm and comfortable with the best fleece blanket? Of course, everyone intends to achieve the same, but the task comes in choosing the best product for the same purpose. To help you with your search, we have availed the top 10 best fleece blankets in 2018 reviews- a buying guide to give you insights and directions regarding the same.

Know you know how to select the best products and here, we have a list featuring the best ten products for your choice. Here, the products are kept in order, and you can easily pick the one that matches your interests, specifications, and needs. When you find one that makes you feel comfortable, do not hesitate to make your order as directed by the link on each of the products.

10. Pawz Road Pet Dog Blanket Fleece

  • By: Pawz Road

Stay warm and comfortable with the best fleece blanket that will keep you warm throughout the night. If you think you need to replace or to have a new blanket, then I can advise you to have the best, and that lies with you choosing among our list one being this unique type. The blanket is soft, warm and of high quality. Therefore, you need to rest your search by having the fabulous option that will surely make you enjoy your sleep.

With the most exciting features, you will come to rate this blanket the best when you try it. The blanket comes with a double-sided coral velvet or polyester fabric thus making it a suitable option for your comfort while on the bed. Another thing that you will enjoy is the ultra-plush material, no easy pilling, and the hairs do not drop.

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9. Imperial Home 50 x 60 Ultra-oft Fleece Throw Blanket

  • By: Imperial Home

This product features the best design and comes in different colors for your choice. With the assorted colors that you can see, it means that you will not miss your suitable type. The blanket comes in a versatile nature thus making it a great product for a picnic and other outdoor activities. On the measurements side, you can just read the name and if that size is the one that you need, and then you are safe to proceed.

Some quality features that make this blanket the best include the multipurpose nature and capacity as we did mention, ability to allow for mashing washing and the quality of the materials among other unusual features. Therefore, if you are indeed searching to acquire the best fleece blanket, then you ought to consider this choice that comes in style and excellent quality.

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8. Balichun Luxury Fleece Blanket

  • By: Balichun

This type is yet another that gives us the best feature for warmth and comfort. As you can see, this product is just what you need to enjoy your sleep. With the super soft and warm features, you can rest assured that the blanket will give you everything that you need to enjoy while on your bed. Also, you need to be aware that the blanket comes in three colors that are queen, dark, and gray. Therefore, this product is the best. It will make you enjoy luxury comfort while on the bed.

This fleece blanket is easy to care, and that feature makes it suitable for your use. Of course, you will not want to buy a product that can be difficult to wash. However, when you have this fantastic choice, you can wash it by machine and dry it by air. The other feature is that of softness and vented design that makes it work well for you.

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7. Comsmart Puppy Fleece Blanket

  • By: Comsmart

This brand comes with the best fleece blanket that you need to consider, and the blanket itself is of different design and nature making it suitable for pets among other uses that you can adapt it to suit. Therefore, the product is the best and has the best reputation regarding ratings and positive reviews as reflected on the market. Therefore, this soft woolen blanket is what you should also consider since that is perhaps what could make your best choice.

On the features, as we mentioned, the product is versatile and makes it suitable for pets. Therefore, if you are in search for the one that will be your pet nest, then you can grab this choice as it comes with everything that you need to keep yourself or your pets warm throughout the night. You should be aware that the product is the best and is affordable for you to acquire without feeling the pinch in your pocket.

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6. MarJunSep Lovely Fleece Blanket for Pets

  • By: MarJunSep

As you see on the name, if you are searching for a pet blanket, then you can settle for this choice. It is not just a call for you to buy the product but I can assure you that whatever we have is the top quality type and you need to check that to ensure that you have a product that can serve your needs well. With this lovely blanket, you can make your pets to stay warm and comfortable and not only your pets, but also you can adapt it to suit any other need.

With the paw print feature, the blanket looks pleasant and attractive to the eye. In addition to that, the toy needs to have the right size, and for your case, this type measures 70x 60 cm and comes in random colors. Therefore, I can assure you that you will always adore this blanket due to the quality of the design, warmth, and comfort that it provides.

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5. Deconovo Super Soft Fleece Blanket

  • By: Deconovo

In need of a super soft quality blanket? If that is you, then here is the one that will give you everything that you need to enjoy for warmth and comfort. Therefore, the right option for you is here and with the most attractive features to offer you everything that you need. With the warmth and comfort, you cannot avoid having this great fleece blanket. The product comes with the lightweight material and is thus the best for travel purposes. That means the portability of the product is highly enhanced.

Some few features to highlight here include the pure polyester material, the variety of colors to select from, and the capacity of the blanket to allow for machine washing. Another thing to note when it comes to caring is that the blanket requires low tumble dry after washing by machine and thus is the best for your needs.

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4. Bedsure King Size Flannel Fleece Blanket

  • By: Bedsure

The material that makes this product is of high quality. With the 100 percent polyester fiber, you can expect the product to last you for many years without losing its warmth, quality, and softness. One thing that I like about the product is the value that you get with the favorable price. The same takes nothing to care, as you only need to wash it by machine. Another thing that you need to know after washing is that you can tumble dry it on low heat

With the features that include the lightweight design for travel, the durability that makes the product to last for long, and the different variety that is available, I can assure you that this blanket will give you the ultimate warmth and comfort that you need. Therefore, you can make your choice to acquire this excellent product.

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3. Utopia Bedding Twin Polar Fleece Thermal Blanket

  • By: Utopia Bedding

As the name puts it, this thermal blanket is what will give you the excessive warmth that will make your night comfortable. The product design suits different needs and functions. Some of the instances where you will find this blanket useful is when on camping trips and during the cold seasons among other uses that you will find at home. Twin size means it is enough for more than one person thus making it suitable for couples.

The features that you need to be aware of before making your final choice include the elegance; that refers to the attractiveness of the blanket, the high-quality material; that material is the pure polyester microfiber and the ease of care. The care of the blanket lies on machine washing and tumble-drying on low heats.

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2. Bertte Ultra Velvet Super Soft Blanket

  • By: Bertte

This blanket comes with all the qualities and features that you need to ensure that you stay warm and comfortable. The product is the best, and you need it if you are in search for the same quality. As you will come to note when you encounter it, the same is suitable for snuggling, for use on sofa, couch, or bed among other uses that you will suit to fit. Therefore, so many benefits are there to expect from this fantastic product.

The features include the high sheen look that makes the product attractive and with the soft decorative stripe all for the same purpose. The measurements are 50 x 60 inches and thus is suitable for your needs. The other thing that is related to the care of the blanket is the ability to allow machine washing and that make things even easier.

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1. Utopia Bedding Coral Fleece Blanket

  • By: Utopia Bedding

If you are to stay warm and soft, then you need to have this great blanket. You can see it from the image, and after that, you can tell of the evident features. All year long, the product is suitable, and you can use it for all the seasons. Whether for your home or camping trips, this blanket just fits everything due to the high quality and desirable features. With the ease of care, you can trust me that caring for this product is not a thing to worry about and therefore, you need it for your bed.

The most striking features that I found with this product include the versatility of the product, an attractive zigzag design, and fleece material that is durable to last you for more years. In addition to that, you can get this great product at an affordable cost. The machine washability is another feature that you can find with this product and therefore, you can be sure that it will not give you problems to take care of the same.

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To conclude on our review, if you find the product that will satisfy your needs, then do not be hesitant but instead, make your order by following the links available alongside each product and will direct you to the particular destination on Amazon.

Fleece blankets buying advice

If you are going to have the best fleece blanket, then you cannot avoid consulting this guide. Here, you will know what makes the best blanket and what to look for when you are on the market to differentiate the products from different brands and types. This will be helpful here when you are making your comparison for your choice. Therefore, some of the things to check or to consider will include the following:

  • Material
  • Ease of care
  • Suitability
  • Durability
  • Size of the product
  • Color choice
  • Cost of the product
  • Size of the blanket

The size is an important factor to check when selecting the best blanket on the market. Do you want a queen size type or just the one that can suit the needs of your kids or only a single person? Here, the products that you will find on this guide come with different measurements, but you need to select the one that matches with your needs. Of course, what I can promise is that you cannot fail to come across your choice among the best that are available.

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Color choice

If you are sensitive to colors, me I am not, or perhaps I am color blind, then you can be sure to find the proper color that matches your needs and interests. Here in our guide, there is a great variety of choice and colors and therefore, is that thing is the last to consider after you are left with the products that you like, and then you can go with your favorite color.


The material is one of the most important things to consider since it dictates on the quality of the product. The best product comes with the best materials and therefore, you can pick the one that comes with the best material construction, and the one with high grade and quality design of the same. Therefore, for every blanket that we have on this guide, you need to check on the material construction for each and the quality to find the one that will match your needs. Most of the products that you will find also come from polyester microfiber. Therefore, depending on your needs, the material that you choose should be of high quality.

Ease of care

The ease of care comes with the need to keep the blanket clean, safe, and comfortable for use. Therefore, when selecting the best product, you need to check on the availability of machine washing. Is your blanket suitable for machine washing? In that case, you need to identify the blanket that can allow for machine-washing to simplify the same. If otherwise, you may sometimes find difficulties cleaning your blanket, and we do not want you to land into that situation. Of course, there is nothing like having a safe and clean blanket.


Are you in need of a camping blanket, sofa, and couch, warm, soft, or portable blanket? When we mention usability, we mean that capacity for which the product is intended. Therefore, with the different features, such as the excessive warmth, you will find the product effective and suitable for various situations and usability as per the design for each product. Therefore, this factor is crucial to consider so that you can find the product that will be suitable for your purpose. Also, some blankets are versatile, and you can adapt the same to suit different functionalities. Also on suitability, some factors come in such as the lightweight features and the density of the fleece material among other things that come into play.


Strength comes with the design and the quality of the materials used to develop the product. Therefore, when selecting the best product or fleece blanket, you should not ignore this factor since it will determine the lifespan of the product. Of course, nothing is important than having a product that will last you for years while still giving you the quality that a new product can offer. In that connection, this factor is essential for your consideration.

Cost of the product

As we did to be our last factor to consider, it surely is. This factor is important to consider but when comparing the best products. However, you do not need to spare your coins just to have a product that will not work for you…, as you know… cheap can be expensive. Therefore, keep this factor as the last and for comparing the products that you already selected.